1. Maros

    Maros Bonsai YouTube Channel

    I just tied to join the ranks of BonsaiNut Youtubers. Filmed, edited, and published my first attempt. I would be glad if you find time to watch it and hopefully, someone will find parts of it useful. My new video is dedicated to the aftercare of yamadori trees for bonsai, by using the Black bag...
  2. Maros

    5yr Native Tree Challenge: Fraxinus ornus (Maros)

    This is my entry to the 5-year native challenge. Taking into consideration this year is special in many aspects I decided to collect at least one tree for commemoration. Since my area was in a rather strict lockdown in March and April I did not want to risk encounters with officials. My moment...
  3. Maros

    Tilia cordata(Linden) No.2 "Josephine"

    I promised to @leatherback thread on this tree so here is the beginning. When I was starting with bonsai back in 2008, I was pretty sure I want to collect some trees from the wild and make them the core of my future collection. But as it happens, I wanted as much material as possible and as...
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