1. S

    Repotting a mature Korean Fir [advice wanted]

    I have several seasons of experience with bonsai now, but 18 months or so ago came into possession of a fairly scruffy ~50 year old Abies koreana. I did some pruning last year, mostly of dying material and to start bringing in the out-of-control apex (see pre-work pic). I have also been careful...
  2. Cosmos

    The bark picture thread

    Simple: post an interesting closeup picture of the bark of a tree you own (refined bonsai or long term project, doesn’t matter). Focus on picture quality, proper focus and lighting. If you post in this thread, you must attach a bark picture, no exception. Same rule as in the other picture...
  3. ConorDash

    Bonsai @ Kew Gardens

    Hello, I recently visited Kew, Royal Botanical gardens in the UK, Richmond. Website. They had a very small greenhouse with Bonsai in, from around the world, so I of course took many pictures and 2 videos (for a bit more of a 3D look). These were very excellent trees, in my opinion. There's a...
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