1. BugsBonsai

    Mesh/screen on top of soil?

    So this might be a weird question, but has anyone used mesh/screening over the tops of their bonsai soil? An azalea I purchased a couple years ago had something like that when I bought it, and it worked great for keeping critters out of the pot when I fertilized. It still allowed me to water the...
  2. sparklemotion

    Humidity Tray "grid" - there's got to be a better way

    For ease of watering (and upping the local humidity) I'd like to put some of my tropicals on humidity trays. I am not a fan of the tray+gravel+pot method, even though the gravel does look pretty. I'd prefer a nice, sciencey looking grid, like these Humidi-Grow trays that Bonsai Boy has. The...
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