mini jade

  1. MattE

    One hell of a deal PA

    Hey all... Seen this PA for sale he wanted 200 with a pot. I didn't like it cascade and I didn't realize how big it was. So i ended up buying it for 100 bucks woth out the pot and put it informal upright in this red pot. I'm so fricken happy I can't wait to develop this into a massive beauty...
  2. aphid

    My tropical trees

    My sad looking tropical trees finally are now outside. They stay inside from November to April every year. Even with a south facing window and a metal hide light, they don't do well inside. Most of the willow leaf ficuses lose their leaves by January from spider mites, but bounce back when they...
  3. Castanea

    Baby Jade stressed.

    Hi all Last weekend I bought a variegated baby jade from a pre-bonsai section of a local nursery. The plant had nice form and appeared to be healthy. Since wiring it into a bonsai pot only a few days ago, the plant's health appears to have declined some. The leaves have begun to wrinkle and...
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