1. kmaho

    Stuff for sale in Minnesota

    Getting out of the hobby. Looking to sell off some supplies, preferably as a lot. Best reasonable offer. Looking for local pickup only at this time (Prior Lake, MN). Several 100g packs of new aluminum wire in various guages, a few partially used rolls (I'd guess the used ones still have...
  2. kmaho

    Pre-bonsai for sale in Minneapolis, MN metro -pick up only

    My wife and I are looking to downsize and move to a townhome soon, possibly even move across country. As such, some Dof the pre-bonsai I've been collecting need a new home. Please message me if interested in anything. Not looking to mail anything, so you'll need to pick up in the twin cities...
  3. Minnesota Madman

    Collecting permits in Minnesota

    Yo Minnesota. Does anybody have experience with acquiring collecting permits in Minnesota? Does Minnesota offer permits? Cost, limits, species, off limits areas, national forests, state forests, county forfeit lands, times of year ~ really anything specific to Minnesota is going to help people...
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