1. L

    Lorax7 Monkeypod #1 progression

    I’ve had this tree for a while, but apparently I’d never gotten around to creating a progression thread for it. Started from seed in fall of 2017, but I don’t have photos going back that far. Here it is in July 2021: September 2021 (white patches are cold damage, I believe — I’ve come to...
  2. Kievnstavick

    Albizia saman (Samanea Saman)

    This is a master thread for all of my Albizia Samans aka monkeypod tree or raintree. The point of this master thread is to have a place for all 14 of my A. samans posted (and links to their induvial threads in the future) as I didn't want to flood the forums with individual posts that are not...
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