monterey cypress

  1. aframe

    Monterey Cypress - from the 'free' table at the bonsai club

    Left over from a club raffle, no one wanted. I tried to give the lady $10 for it but she wouldn't take my money. First full wiring was April 2020.
  2. C

    Monterey Cypress cold winter conditions

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this so any and all advice is appreciated (especially from anyone who has experience with this tree). A few months back I was given a Monterey Cypress seedling (2-3 years old). Most of my family lives in northern California and I was given it as a reminder of home. Which...

    Monterey Cypress Seedlings - process from seed

    Hi Folks! I am mostly a lurker here. I tend to research more than I post, but a recent prod via message here on the forums has encouraged me to document the growth of my monterey cypress seedlings, which I have kept notes on since emergence last year. I also figured I would discuss this from...
  4. L

    Transplant question on Cypress

    I’ve got these Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) I’ve grown from seed in a south-facing window. They are getting a little stretchy. When I transplant them come spring, can I bury the stems up to the foliage and expect new root growth? They seem like they are young and tender enough to...
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