1. Grovic

    Snails in collected moss, should I get rid of it?

    So, last Sunday I went for a walk and in my way back home I collected some moss, I placed it in a pie container that I re-purposed as a mini greenhouse. Today, when I opened the container in order to mist, I saw four very small snails (those are the ones I could find, but I bet there's more), I...
  2. Clicio

    Sphagnum, dead or alive?!

    So we find two kinds of sphagnum moss around the nurseries, the dry and the green. And most articles about the use of Sphagnum - Around airlayers, on top of the soil, in a mix to seedlings and so on - those articles never say which kind is the one they are talking about. So the questions: what's...
  3. Angela

    Acacia Advice, Please?

    Hi there! So I'm not sure if there's a forum for this, so sorry if I'm messing this up ... This is my first ever bonsai. My parents got it for me. It's an Acacia, though I'm not sure what type -- it has thorns and the bark of the trunk has an almost feathery texture - it's soft and if you...
  4. Culper Woodhull

    Terrarium for Ficus Bonsai?

    I have an empty 55 gallon aquarium sitting in the garage and I've just discovered terrariums while surfing the web. They seem really cool and since I like bonsai, I was wondering if I could plant 2 ficus bonsai opposite each other in the aquarium? I have a plan to make a "miniature pond" in the...
  5. Dorky_gearhead

    Learning about moss

    I'm pretty green when it comes to bonsai, and I know even less about moss. With that said ive been recently attempting to grow moss either on a shallow dish as well as on a round "paver" brick. Ive been keeping the paver brick in a container of water about 1/2 of an inch from the top of the...
  6. jomawa

    ???Moss Blocks Oxygen???

    Am bothered by a statement found in my bonsai researching, that moss blocks oxygen. Context of the statement specifically was "covering the soil with moss" vs leaving the soil uncovered for a free transfer of oxygen, not anything to do with moss's water holding capability. Since I am doing air...
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