mountain hemlock

  1. LeatherTree23

    Mt. Hemlock with Browning Tips?!

    Can’t believe I’m asking for help so soon but here we are. I purchased this tree at auction 2 weeks ago. According to the auction blurb: “collected by Anton Nihuis many yrs ago. Made full and strong by John Eads of Left Coast Bonsai for new owner to style.” It’s gorgeous. I have done nothing to...
  2. Deep Sea Diver

    Yamadori Mt Hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) No. 1 The Twins

    Made a connection to acquire two Mt Hemlock groups. Both dug in the alpine areas somewhere outside Mt. Rainer park boundaries. Here’s the first, more straightforward project. (The other is more complex.) Two trunks and at least one seedling together. Height of the tallest twin 41”. Any...
  3. Apex


    Apex detail on the mother trunk
  4. First Styling

    First Styling

    Here she is after her first styling in the early fall of 2020. It took me three days but I'm really happy with the results. This was my first time using copper wire (thanks Mirai!)
  5. Tsugamori's first bonsai pot

    Tsugamori's first bonsai pot

    This is the picture of me with Tsugamori after I potted her into her first bonsai pot. The pot is a rather cheap Chinese oval, but it works well enough. The previous training pot was filled to the brim with roots and very visible mycorrhiza. Minimal root pruning was done. Pure pumice added
  6. IMG_20200125_163852_576[1].jpg


    The hemlock in its original training box with no styling save for a branch or two being removed by former owner. Originally harvested by Anton Nijhuis from a high elevation bog on Vancouver Island. Approximately 200 years old. Was in training box for four years.
  7. Yugen

    Pest identification?

    Does anyone recognize these worms? When I water my hemlock several of these small white worms wither out. The trees previous owner had some sort of root eating grubs and he applied nematodes. Are these beneficial nematodes?
  8. Yugen

    Looking for general info for a Mountain Hemlock

    I have a a Mountain hemlock that is probably several hundred years old. I can't seem to find much info on how to care for these basass trees other than the elementary- they need lots of water. Specifically I would like to know about pruning. I've heard that you don't prune like a pine or a...
  9. parhamr

    Tsuga mertensiana (mountain hemlock)

    April 2014 Purchased for $49.99 in a 10-gallon nursery pot. I’m planning to develop this into a formal upright. March 2015 I had wired most branches slightly downward in 2014 and started on some major branch selection. April 2015 The branches make nice foliage pads with prolific...
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