mountain hemlock

  1. Yugen

    Pest identification?

    Does anyone recognize these worms? When I water my hemlock several of these small white worms wither out. The trees previous owner had some sort of root eating grubs and he applied nematodes. Are these beneficial nematodes?
  2. Yugen

    Looking for general info for a Mountain Hemlock

    I have a a Mountain hemlock that is probably several hundred years old. I can't seem to find much info on how to care for these basass trees other than the elementary- they need lots of water. Specifically I would like to know about pruning. I've heard that you don't prune like a pine or a...
  3. parhamr

    Tsuga mertensiana (mountain hemlock)

    April 2014 Purchased for $49.99 in a 10-gallon nursery pot. I’m planning to develop this into a formal upright. March 2015 I had wired most branches slightly downward in 2014 and started on some major branch selection. April 2015 The branches make nice foliage pads with prolific...
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