1. Apex37

    For Those Who Have Moved…What Time of Year is “Best”?

    I can think of arguments on just about every front as to when would be the best time or worse time to move states/climate zones? For those that have moved and taken their collection with them, did any of the decision get based on the time of year for the trees? If you could pick any time of...
  2. S

    Re-location Advice

    I am new to the bonsai world and last year (September) ordered a Dawn Redwood (5 tree grouping) to get my feet wet. When ordered I lived in San Diego, and although it took until January for the leaves to fall, the trees seemed to do very well. I did my first pruning in February (once I saw the...
  3. I

    First post concerning placement of dwarf jade

    I have a dwarf jade . I have shelf in front of a east facing window, it's a great spot in terms of viewing the bonsai. it receives sunlight diffused from behind a large tree in my backyard. Today I moved it out to my deck to get some more sunlight but I am concerned about a couple things. 1...
  4. Aiki_Joker

    How can I continue Bonsai :(

    Hi there, I need some advice if possible. Moving back to a 3 month on 1 month off rotation where I will be 3 months in Libya then 1 month off in the UK rotating. Is there any way I can maintain several trees during the three months away so I can work them and enjoy them when I get back? I am...
  5. Aiki_Joker

    Moving country what should I do?

    Hey everyone. I have looked into companies that can ship my trees and found one. But not sure what to do? Should I leave them or take them? What would you do and why?
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