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  1. T

    Mugo and Austrian pines

    Just picked up this mugo and Austrian for half off today $10 and $20. I did some minor root work on the mugo when clearing out the trunk and put it in the pond basket. Nothing too major. Cut a few branches off of it. But now I’m kinda stuck wondering what to do. I read doing this kind of work on...
  2. Z

    Potential urban yamadori/yardadori or too far gone?

    Here's a couple pines in front of my grandmother's house. She wants to remove them and put in a porch next spring. They are two needle and, though I'm no expert on pines, I'm fairly certain they're mugo. They were planted in 1992 from nursery stock. No clue how old the nursery stock was but...
  3. Ninecloud

    Mugo dev help

    Got a couple that have roots in this netted sac. Per Vance's suggested material, B&B mugo should be put in netted pot to leave alone but any idea when this should be done? Should I wait for summer for that? as most of the work with mugo seems to be in summer, just wondering if I can repot...
  4. RhyleeRebecca

    Mugo Pine - back budding?

    Hello all, just got this teenie ugly duckling of a Mugo (Mountain) Pine for $14 but I think it has potential. My question is this: it has a cluster of stubs right at the center where the trunk thins out (see photos), is there an opportunity for those to back bud with this species? Or is it...
  5. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo 3

    Here is my discount Mugo from today I tried to do the @Vance Wood way. I went through and gently combed out some roots, I tried to barely touch them/ I did not really do much root pruning. I know you can but I decided not to this time around. I found my front I like and only took off 1 major...
  6. Ferg91

    Silver birch/mugo pine stratification/germination

    Hello I had tried the Mugo pine and Silverbirch stratification and germination before unfortunately with 0% success I was wondering if anyone has had any success and getting these little buggers to germinate. All info would be much appreciated thank you very much
  7. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo 2

    Here is my second mugo. I have a good trunk so far, nice movement, but the typical octopus mugo look. I did an initial prune but think I can take off a bit more. I want to keep it about 1/3 reduction and then next year do a repot in a pond basket with a pumice lava mix. The roots are pretty...
  8. palafr01

    Slowmound Mugo pine advice

    Palafr01 here and I'm back with another thread. This time I need some advice and guidance on this mugo pine (slow mound cultivar). Quick timeline so far: Sept/Oct 2020. purchased tree. Nov 2020. cut back to an existing branchlet at "apex" hoping it would gain strength. Branchlet...
  9. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo1

    I am goin to use this as a place to document my journey with this Mugo pine. First picture is when I bought it at a nursery and did a slip pot/ light prune at the INCORRECT TIME which I later learned. This was in March 2022. From then on I have not touched it and had it in full sun etc. I did...
  10. BuggsBalmer

    Dwarf Mugo Pine seeds

    Hi everyone I'm looking for some advice on sowing and germination of Dwarf Mugo Pine seeds in the southern hemisphere. It's a species I've been wanting to get for a while, but due to the laws and restrictions in place in South Africa, it's seriously hard to get any actual material. I've finally...
  11. Apex37

    Nursery Mugo #1

    Got this mugo pine back last year around summer time at Lowe's. Earlier this year I was really considering if I even wanted to spend my time trying to bonsai this guy, but figured what the hell, gives me a chance to have more experience with pines. Did my first repot with it today. Mostly went...
  12. Julio-Rufo

    The eternal Mugo dilemma

    Since I started doing bonsai in the early 2000s, I have always repoted my trees late winter or early spring, apart from some specific species like Olive and wild Olive. As you all know, specifically about Mugo pines (and other species) there are two streams when it’s about repoting them: -Late...
  13. L

    Lorax7 Mugo Pine #2 progression

    Originally came from nursery stock, which I failed to take pictures of. Decandled it last year. Here it is in a bonsai pot (2021): I’m rather nostalgic about the pot, although it’s just a cheap mass produced one. The pot originally belonged to the juniper mallsai I bought from Lowe’s back in...
  14. L

    Lorax7 Mugo Pine #1 progression

    As usual, I forgot to take a picture of the tree before working on it. Didn’t take a picture of the lace rock either. Did a root-over-rock planting at a Pauline Muth workshop. I guess I paid attention in class because it’s still alive and kicking. Here it is in fall 2021:
  15. BonjourBonsai

    Half ball - is that a thing?

    I know half bare root is a thing. And I know a root ball is a thing. I also know that Mugos and other conifers can have their root balls sawn in half. So I'm thinking that "half ball" should be a thing. Example: "I took the advice of bonsai veterans and half balled a mugo after father's day...
  16. Syedabrar

    Mugo pine from nursery stock

    Saw this mugo at the Lowes today, priced at $120. Its pricey for me, any ideas if it will be a good bonsai specimen, new to bonsai world.
  17. Fishtank307

    Mugo pine with drop branch

    I scored this very nice mugo pine yesterday. The previous owner styled and maintained it for 11 years. Before wiring: After clean-up, light pruning and wiring: Backside: Shari: Will repot this spring
  18. I

    Mugo pine choice for niwaki?

    Hello! I would like to train a niwaki specimen on a garden slope into a shape resembling “semi cascade,” with about a width of 1.5 m (4-5 feet). Does anyone have a sense of whether I would benefit from either the vigor of the species Mugo pine, or instead by choosing a cultivar that more...
  19. F

    First Bonsai - Mugo Pine - Need some advice

    Hello Everyone! I picked up this Mugo Pine from Lowes on clearance as it had a good amount of dead limbs on its one side. I live in North Carolina am a complete newbie to the bonsai world and this is my first attempt. I have been doing a good amount of reading online, watching youtube videos...
  20. Deep Sea Diver

    Lonely Zundert Mugo - Thoughts on design and a couple questions.

    Last Christmas I spotted a lonely Mugo Pine in the 1/2 price nursery section of the locally owned hardware store. It was almost nightfall, but I thought there might be some possibilities in this tree. I knew something was up when the gardener thanked me for buying the tree. It seems it had...
  21. P

    Golden Mugo “Aurea”

    First time posting on Bonsai Nut, been a long time lurker. Recently I purchased a named cultivar Pinus Mugo “aurea”. I haven’t seen many memeber try to bonsai a named mugo cultivar. I went ahead and followed Vances advice in repotting after Father’s Day during early summer. The only concern I...
  22. walawelo

    Mugo Pine Question

    Hello everyone, I got a few Mugo pines at very good price at a clearance and decided to sacrifice one to the gods of bonsai in the name of practical experience XD Despite having a good horticultural background, when it comes to Bonsai I'm a total beginner with little practicial knowlege. I read...
  23. D

    Dwarf mugo pine with root rot need advice

    I just got my first mugo pine a few days ago. I know you should repot in mid summer but I pulled the nursery pot off to try to remove the top layer of soil to try to see the trunk better. I found that the soil was soaking wet and a mucky mess. There is new roots growing but a lot of older roots...
  24. C

    Neglected Mugo Pine

    I fished a mugo pine bonsai from the trash at the nursery i work at. Im wondering how to get it back to being healthy. Its a good size, almost all the needles are yellow and falling off. There is new green growth and there is sap in the buds(i plucked one off). I know its not dead but im...
  25. X

    Light pollution - street lighting affecting photoperiod

    I have noticed that the buds one of my mugo pines (p. mugo “mini mini”) are slightly beginning to push candles. It’s only February, and none of my other conifers are pushing yet. A super bright LED street light had been installed and is throwing light on my balcony where the mugo resides. I am...
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