mugo pine

  1. C

    Neglected Mugo Pine

    I fished a mugo pine bonsai from the trash at the nursery i work at. Im wondering how to get it back to being healthy. Its a good size, almost all the needles are yellow and falling off. There is new green growth and there is sap in the buds(i plucked one off). I know its not dead but im...
  2. X

    Light pollution - street lighting affecting photoperiod

    I have noticed that the buds one of my mugo pines (p. mugo “mini mini”) are slightly beginning to push candles. It’s only February, and none of my other conifers are pushing yet. A super bright LED street light had been installed and is throwing light on my balcony where the mugo resides. I am...
  3. C

    Collected Mugo Pines. Help!

    So I just got two mugo pines from free Craigslist (like 5 mins ago). I know it’s the wrong time of year to be doing anything in the way of collecting/planting/potting, but the guy wanted them gone ASAP. It also happens to be 100 degrees in Michigan today (great lol). My question is, to keep...
  4. palagaban

    A Rescued Mugo pine... found its home :)

    Last summer I found a mugo pine thrown in a corner lot here in my area. It was maybe used as a hedge and the owner might have dug and threw it, hoping that the trash collector would clean it. Luckily a bonsaist came to rescue it... :) I was so glad that it had a small rootball that was intact...
  5. oliviad

    Tiny Mugo, Big Help

    Hi! I’m new to this still and need a little help! I picked up this dwarf Mugo Pine and repotted it easily, but I’m unsure what to do stylistically with it, or if I should just let it be now and wait until next year to style it. Any opinions/help would be majorly appreciated. I’m trying...
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