1. L

    Lorax7 Mulberry #1 progression

    I’ve got a couple of mulberry “volunteers” in the yard, so I decided to air layer one of them. Harvested the layer fall 2021:
  2. cornfed

    Red Mulberry: Cornfed Edition

    I found this Red Mulberry, or Morus Rubra, on my very first yamadori expedition. On April 2nd I walked a wooded area that is known to deer on our family farm. As a first excursion, it was as much about learning as it was about finding perfect bonsai specimens. Take lesson no. 1... take a...
  3. aml1014

    Black mulberry progression

    Hey nuts, Today I wanted to start a thread on the mores nigra I've had since april 2015. I'm actually quite pleased with the progression of this tree in just 2 growing seasons. Here's as I acquired it the 19th of april last year. Here it is pruned back and repotted into pumice and seramis...
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