nana procumbens

  1. L

    First Styling Twin Trunk Nana Juniper

    Just finished styling this nana juniper, I think I’m going for a twin trunk approach. I would love some feedback on how I did or if there things I could improve upon.
  2. goth_gardener

    Juniper Nana Funky Dieback on Apex

    Hey all! In zone 9b-ish microclimate West L.A. Have a juniper I took over recently and restyled and potted. Previous owner said it was fertilized early winter and seemed to be pumping out some good growth. I’ve had some funky whitish die back on the crown… given it superthrive, seaweed extract...
  3. A

    Shaping a Nana Juniper

    I have been working with bonsai for about a year and a half, so I am familiar with many of the basic ideas of how to trim and shape trees. However, this last year got away from me with this juniper, these runners kept growing and at first I was going to move this tree into a training pot, but...
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