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  1. J

    Western Honey Mesquite

    Hey all, first thread here and wanted to show the progression I'll be going through with this Western Honey Mesquite (Prosopis Glandulosa var. Torreyana) 4/23/2023 This was the tree when I saw it a nursery a few weeks ago From this angle the trunk is about 3" however, both nebari and trunk...
  2. Clorgan

    5 year native challenge - Field maple, Clorgan

    Entering this chunky one! Purchased a few months ago but so far unworked. I think it needs a miracle to make something presentable 😂 But anyway, here it is in all it's glory...
  3. parhamr

    Buds of native North American conifers for identification

    I’ve seen a lot of threads in which people have uncertainty of tree identification based on bud appearance. Here are some good photos from my yard to help folks. Unless noted these are all mature buds from the fall. If you contribute to this thread then please use enough keywords that people...
  4. T

    Anacacho Orchid Progression

    I'm starting this thread to document the progress of my Anacacho Orchid seedlings over the coming years. The species (Bauhinia lunarioides) is a rare TX native that I'm very excited about, although not sure how it will eventually work as bonsai (only one way to find out!). Perhaps this will be...
  5. MimosaGroveMexia

    Cedar Elms? Traits & tips

    Few questions to help with my research... I have these little guys in the past pics come up in the pastures and my growing areas of the yard. Based on my research, central Texas has a lot of cedar elm trees, so I'm assuming that is what these are; but hoping someone can verify this for me. I've...
  6. PiñonJ

    White Fir (Abies concolor) fall collection

    Collected this Abies concolor last weekend. I had seen it in the spring and passed it up because the buds were already opened. Here's the current front. Here's the right side. Something killed the top and everything on this side. There was new growth on that side in the spring, which was...
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