needle juniper

  1. J

    Browning needles

    I recently got a juniper bonsai and I am noticing some needles browning. It’s outside all day with half day sun. It’s currently around 80 degrees F and I water it everyday. Why is it browning? Pictures attached
  2. jriddell88

    Juniperus rigida Forrest Poll

    I received this beast 2 years ago and just let it grow and grow , I now have enough to start wiring some the secondary and propiatary branches down. Most of the main branches are growing slightly upwards unfortunately and just lacks in my eyes , I like the trees but it's boring ! Anyways These...
  3. Quince

    Tosho or no Tosho?

    I collected this juniper growing about 200 feet from my back door. At first I assumed that it was a squirrel plant from J. Communis seed I collected a few years ago, but now that I have handled it the junipers looking and feeling :eek: more like J. rigida, the Japanese Needle Juniper. Either...
  4. Brian Van Fleet

    Literati Tosho

    I bought this needle juniper (Juniperus rigida) from Owen last December; as my annual "big tree buy". It was collected in Japan years ago and imported to the US at some point. I don't like working with trees that bite back, but I like Tosho. This rare find had a dynamic trunk, and nice ribbon...
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