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  1. B

    Is this tree dead???

    So recently I had a friend move away for college and he asked if I wanted is Juniper bonsai tree and me always wanting to get into bonsai but never pulling the trigger on buying my first tree gladly accepted the offer so I picked it up this morning and when I got it this was the condition I got...

    New Japanese Maple potting Question

    Hi All. First, I’d like to take a moment to say how appreciative I am to be a part of the bonsa community. Although new to it I’ve learned SO much from reading this forum and loved every minute of it. This is my first post so thanks in advance for any/all responses. Since I’m new to bonsai, I...
  3. J

    Advise for a newbie

    Hello, my husband gave me this we’re not sure what type it is and it’s really tall and has long roots starting to come out of the bottom. I don’t know what to do to prune it and I’m nervous lol please help.
  4. LunaticTree

    Update on Yamadori collection from 2020

    Hello there! Last year in early Spring I was collecting a bunch of different Species from a nearby Forest that recently got choped down entirely. So there was a lot of new Growth going on and so many Beech trees! ObviousIy had Persmission to do so. I was surprised how well they rooted, and all...
  5. I

    P. afra Newbie

    Hello Everyone! I recently obtained a little P. afra pre-bonsai from an online shop. I have attached pictures of all angles. I'm having difficulty on what to decide to do with it. I'm hoping for a nice formal upright style, but I think on of those first branches are going to have to go. Any...
  6. Z

    2 week old Flame tree - possible drooping? Care advice?

    Hi, this is my first bonsai tree. Trying to do as much research as possible to keep my tree going for many years. I noticed the two main leaves on the stem starting to droop, is that normal or should I be concerned? I used a mixture of succulent soil and regular garden soil for drainage, what...
  7. C

    Newly collected Oak

    Good Evening! I just wanted to share this new Oak! I got this from a family members property that has three different oak species, as well as other trees. This oak was carefully dug out of the ground and placed into a fairly large training box. I really like the way the trunk bends on it. the...
  8. Bonsaibillie99

    Tree identification and help!

    Hi there, I am brand new to the bonsai world and recently got my first bonsai tree as a birthday gift. Unfortunately I had to go away and left my housemates minding it and I've now returned to it wilting! Any help identifying the tree type and how to save it would be much appreciated!! Here are...
  9. claramsh

    How to I heal root rot?

    Thank you to everyone who has helped me with the issue I’ve had in the last post. I have repotted the plant, and while doing so I noticed that my plant had root rots. I took out the rotten ones mostly, but then I noticed a black-brown spot on its thickest root, and I didn’t cut it since it...
  10. Bchnit1

    Brand Newbie - First attempt to Create Cascade Bonsai with 10 year old Portulacaria Afra

    Woohoo. First post. So I’ve been reading beginner books and have been all over YouTube trying to get up the nerve to just begin this project. Have all my entry tools, wiring, bonsai soil, and a pot, although it only has one drain hole. The plant has already done all the work by deciding on its...
  11. N

    Please help

    Hopefully I’m posting in the correct place. Hoping someone can help. I have a small plant growing from my bonsai tree. Not sure if this is a weed, I’ve added a picture, any advice would be great, thanks.
  12. J

    Unknown shohin tree

    Hello there everyone, this Februarya friend of mine gave me this little tree. We don’t know what it’s called as he found it in his garden. It look like a pretty interesting tree to me. I think i would like to develop it as a small shohin bonsai. I’d like to ask if anyone knows what tree it is...
  13. Flawnsai

    Christmas Newbie in FL

    Hi Everyone, I'm new and have been lurking the bonsai world for a few months. My mother noticed my new interest and gifted me a tree this holiday. Is this a "Mallsai" and what should I do to keep it healthy these first years? I was told it was purchased from 1800Flowers and stayed in the box...
  14. S

    Boxwood Advice for Older Boxwood

    Heyo, I am relatively new to bonsai and purchased an old boxwood transplant from a vendor in Colorado in mid-October (I live in Southern Nevada). I transferred from the nursery pot into the training pot pictured. The first picture shows the form before trimming and wiring. I figure I'd play...
  15. P

    My First Tree

    Hello everyone, I just got my first ever bonsai tree yesterday. Looking for advice and recommendation regarding my new tree. Got it as a bonsai carmona. Thanks :)
  16. Schmikah

    My new boxwood that needs some work. Any ideas?

    I just picked up this guy last Saturday from one of the guys at our local club (KBS). I picked it up cheap so I can live with it needing quite a bit of work. Obviously its been let go pretty much since it was collected, it was yard-adori according to the original owner. Obviously the roots are...
  17. F

    Chinese elm

    I have a Chinese elm and I’m in south east idaho, so winter is about half the year. I’m trying to decide the best course of action for this plant. I left it outside for summer and some of fall, but it’s already dropped into single digits Fahrenheit. I have done some research to find a good...
  18. P

    Not sure what to do for my maple

    Hi everyone! I’m new to bonsai (honestly new to long term plant care in general) and I’m not sure what to do for my maple sapling. My boyfriend gave this one to me at the beginning of August and we potted it in this pot at that time. I’m worried about drainage as I live in the PNW in a North...
  19. R

    Ficus microcarpa new tree

    Hello, I have received as a gift quite big Ficus microcarpa around 8-9 months ago. In the beginning it has lost most of the leaves (probably due to transport and setting in new place). It is alive and growing but not quite even. The bottom part is growing more than the top part of tree. I like...
  20. B

    Need help asap please

    I recently purchased a trident maple on the 9th of September, and something is wrong with several of the leaves and I need help figuring out what's wrong so I can fix it asap please. When my bonsai arrived, several of the leaves had portions of black/grey areas that I assume are dead/dying, I'm...
  21. R

    Austrian Black Pine Potential Bonsai?

    Hello all, I'm just starting out looking into bonsai, so a complete novice. Bought a tree from a friend, hasnt started out as a bonsai but could I make it into a bonsai? If so how would I go about this? It's about 2ft high. Thanks, Ross
  22. BTrees3

    Wisteria bonsai tree from seed

    Hello Bonsai People, I’m completely new to growing Bonsai tree’s. I haven’t grown a single thing my entire life up until now. I’ve got 2 wisteria seedlings I’m super proud of! They’re growing up so fast, and I was wondering if I could get any advice on things I should be doing now or in the...
  23. JLee9706

    Soil for Juniper in Southern California

    Hello, I am new to bonsai and have recently acquired some new junipers from a general nursery nearby. They are about 2-3ft tall and in the pots they came, which has some general potting soil. I know they weren't bought at a bonsai nursery, but can they be good candidates? If so, should I...
  24. Kodama

    Ulmus Jacquelin Hillier - Would You Repot Now?

    So I couldn't resist picking up this Dwarf Elm from a roadside nursery but had to quickly treat a minor case of scale with some oil spray after scraping them off. Otherwise looks really healthy and totally rootbound. Looking to repot asap. Would it be safe to do so now or wait till spring...
  25. Jhervi

    (New Bonsai'er) Need care advice for a trident Maple and Juniper Bonsai

    Hi yall, I am brand new to the world of Bonsai. I have always been very fascinated with the art of bonsai and am excited to start learning and caring for these trees. I was hoping to get some advice on care for two bonsai trees I recieved as a gift from my girlfriend. I live in zone 9b of...
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