new bonsai

  1. LunaticTree

    "Katsura" Maple and Larix

    Hello there! I am still relatively new to Bonsai, but I do know the basics by now. As for myself I am a Landscapegardener so it is nothing of a challenge to me to take care of special Flowers/Trees. I own quite a variety of Citrus plants and European Orchids, they are known to be quite...
  2. M

    Looking for advice with beginning stage if growth

    Hello, I got a bonsai kit from and I wanted to grow a cherry blossom bonsai. I had germinated the 5 seeds in the fridge and when it came time to plant I had 3 good ones. I planted them all in a small pot and placed them on a heat mat with plastic wrap over the top. It has been a couple weeks...
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