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  1. R

    Just got my first Brazilian rain tree :)

    So I just received my BRT and I love it! The only thing is the trunk is stick straight, I'm wondering when BRTs start to flute/flatten? Also I am thinking of keeping it in this pot to let it grow and settle in a bit, is that a good idea or should I transfer it to a bonsai pot? Thanks for the help!
  2. L

    Bonsai Newby with Monkey Thorn -

    A friend gave me a monkey thorn (At least that is what I think it is) Although I have a few ficus bonsai and a jade, I’m still fairly new to bonsai. Any advice about this tree? I live in Orlando Florida, so also need advice on how much Florida sun this guy would like. Thanks in advance!
  3. Carapace

    Lads, any Giant Sequoia tips????

    So I bought 3 little giant sequoia, two of which I will be planting in the garden and 1 that I will try to make into a bonsai. I was wondering if you got any tips on care and pruning them? Thanks.
  4. Carapace

    Any ever try Halesia carolina as bonsai?

    I saw this little tree at a nursery and I haven't seen it before and I was wondering if anyone has one of these as bonsai? They look like they could work pretty well. And if yes, are they any good?
  5. Carapace

    Any tips on Hinoki Cypress nana ?

    Hi, I bought a very small hinoki cypress nana ( 10 cm ) and I would like to know if there are any tips on growing them as in any particular disease I should be wary off or how wet they like to stay? Thx.
  6. E

    Have I overwatered my maple sprout?

    I'm very, very, new to the art of bonsai, and have very little experience and knowledge. I had two pine sprouts last year, and they were doing well until I went abroad and my mother didn't water them. This year, I've germinated a maple, and it was growing find but now looks quite sad, and the...
  7. NeyensNeuro

    Small windswept shimpaku juniper - initial styling

    Hey folks! I've dabbled in bonsai for about a year, but I'm pretty new to this forum. I bought a tiny shimpaku today and thought that the young, flexible tree would lend itself well to a windswept! My questions are: 1) Which side should be the front? There are two long branches on one side, a...
  8. NeyensNeuro

    Thuja occidentalis from stock - cold tolerance

    Hi all! I'm a noobie here and 1 year into my bonsai adventure. I just bought an awesome white cedar, thuja occidentalis, from nursery stock and I was wondering if it is safe to leave outside for the remaining weeks of winter. It seems  really healthy as of today's date, and I would like to keep...
  9. K

    Is my seedling dying?

    I have started using one of the bonsai starter kits and finally got one of the seeds to sprout last week. It was looking fine but now it has flopped over. It is still green but there is no way that it can stand on it’s own it is very thin. I have moved it into a brighter area of the house...
  10. J

    Seedlings, 4 weeks, Baby’s Jacaranda + Rocky Mountain Pine Advice! Appreciated!

    I’ve got these guys out of those grow your own kits from the store they seem to be doing great so far! Witch it good box says to thin the heard. Witch I will be doing cutting at the base level. I live in Florida it’s Aproaching summer so I’m winding how these types will fair in the HEAT, as well...
  11. G

    Rather large “rescue” from a nursery

    Hey, I just picked up a new globosa nana from a nursery, half of the foliage on the side the sun was on for most of the day is a pale yellow. I brought it home and replanted it and I was wondering if you guys had any more tips to throw my way or and advice. I have no idea what direction I want...
  12. T

    New to Bonsai. Beginner No Exper

    Hello. Im new to the hobby. I’ve been watching a few yt videos on bonsais nothing specific just general videos. And I love the aesthetics of each work of art. Each one is unique I love how much character can be given to them. that being said I have a few questions. 1. What is the best tree to...
  13. RhyleeRebecca

    Twin trunk juniper styling help

    I’m rather new (couple years) to bonsai and I picked up this (what was labeled as) Grey Owl Juniper at a local nursery. It’s a good healthy tree and came already with some wire on it, and I’m not sure the best way to style this tree. It’s a twin trunk at the moment but feels a bit clunky...
  14. LunaticTree

    Pinus Cembra

    Hello, I wanted to update you all on my little Nurserystock I so happened to get the last few years! I got my hands on a few Pinus Cembra from a local nursery that gives them away for 10€ each. Was hard to resist not to get all of them! So I picked a few that I liked and let them stay in the...
  15. C

    New Sageretia!

    I just got this starter material a couple of weeks ago and I don’t plan on doing anything to it yet, but I was wondering your opinions on the direction I could take this! I’m quite happy about there being a branch near the base I can keep as a sacrificial to thicken up the trunk, but besides...
  16. Bonsai boo

    Strange plant friends…

    Hello Everyone! Yesterday I was gifted a very lovely bonsai (that I have absolutely no idea how to look after, so any tips would be greatly appreciated). Anyway, I discovered that the bonsai came with friends and I like them but I’m concerned that they could be weeds? But they don't look like...
  17. C

    New Chinese Elm - verifying info & seeking advice

    'Tis I again, emerging from my strange little corner of the Tiny Forest to pester y'all wonderful Nuts with some questions & pictures. I recently ordered a beautiful Chinese Elm (Ulmus Parvifolia, specifically) from Kawa No Oka Bonsai to finally fill in the Chinese Elm-shaped hole in my...
  18. Mrs. O in the wild

    Now what? Next steps please!

    Norway Spruce sowed on 12/31/2021. The New Years babies seem to be coming in nicely, but this is where I started to go downhill last time with some root rot. I think I have a good handle on watering appropriately. Let me know if you think otherwise. My question is, what do I do next? Too soon...
  19. LunaticTree

    "Katsura" Maple and Larix

    Hello there! I am still relatively new to Bonsai, but I do know the basics by now. As for myself I am a Landscapegardener so it is nothing of a challenge to me to take care of special Flowers/Trees. I own quite a variety of Citrus plants and European Orchids, they are known to be quite...
  20. M

    Looking for advice with beginning stage if growth

    Hello, I got a bonsai kit from and I wanted to grow a cherry blossom bonsai. I had germinated the 5 seeds in the fridge and when it came time to plant I had 3 good ones. I planted them all in a small pot and placed them on a heat mat with plastic wrap over the top. It has been a couple weeks...
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