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  1. J

    New Plant Advice!

    Still new to Bonsi I have had Juniper for some time now and seeing some brown on the Branch? Waters good, Soils good, Sunlight Most the morning then in the window for indirect rest of the day. Is the Brown bad or just growing? Any advice would be cool! TY
  2. LeftHandLuke

    European Hornbeam Stalled

    My first time with a hornbeam but I found them interesting because of their legendary vigor. I picked up this nice pre-bonsai from a guy back in the early spring (this year) and it did precisely one thing: leafed out (as you can see), but nothing else. Meanwhile my other trees have been like...
  3. D

    Total begginner -need advice

    Hi, total beginner here. Was greeted one day after work to see this little guy shooting up (chinese wisteria) I have actively kept him watered but not overly so and he spends his time on my windowsill not in direct sunlight but where its light. I was planning on repotting him soon but then I...
  4. M

    Tips for winter growth?

    Hi everyone! Writing from England, I’m starting my first seed growth this week, giving them a fake winter for two months and hopefully have some shoots in July. I am just looking for some tips and support for helping young seedlings through the coming winter, how to best care for them and grow...
  5. L

    My Ficus bonsai trees are dying. The both came in poor condition. Almost no leaves left. Can I cut them into a stump for new growth in the spring?

    I got a Fukieon and a Too little weeping fig bonsai trees this year. They came in poor condition and have gotten worse. There are only 2 leaves left on the Fukieon and a dozen on the fig in no good grouping or form. I was wondering if I could trunk chop them into stumps and get new growth next...
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