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  1. D

    Help... what are these and what should I do?

    I found these bugs running around on my bonsai today. What are they and what do I do about them? Please help.
  2. sacredasamouse

    Advice for Spring - Japanese Maple and Kallay Juniper

    Hey all, This is my first post here, and I'm pretty new to Bonsai! I'm sorry in advance if there are resources covering this topic, but I did my best deep dive before posting. I was able to pick up Tamukeyama Japanese Maple and Kallay Juniper saplings from a local nursery (only $15 each!). I'm...
  3. Tntthunder

    Acer Campestre advice? Tips?

    Just got a few Acer Campestre on sale at the local garden nursery with this being my first go at maples. I don't plan to do any work until end of winter, just learning for now. Any advice on the do's and don'ts? Also got a few questions. Are they similar to Japanese maples in terms of...
  4. A

    How do I tell when the seasons change? Especially the difference between Early/late periods.

    How do you tell when the seasons change? People are always saying "do X in X season" but I am struggling to really learn when they happen. For example I have read to bend junipers you do that in Fall. When in fall? I have heard early fall, and late fall. Ok, when are these? Is early fall...
  5. Tntthunder

    What is this on my tree's deadwood?

    Created deadwood earlier this year and was told to let it dry and wear away in the elements so we didn't protect it. However I have noticed it's covered in this mold kind of looking stuff. It's only on the deadwood and not on the leaves/trunk, is this normal or is it an issue I need to worry...
  6. Tntthunder

    How to prune my Taxis media?

    Basically I have a nursery stock yew I worked on at the end of May in a workshop and we created deadwood and cut maybe 70% foliage off. Since then it seems to have grown really healthy (I think, this is my first yew). I want to encourage the lower growth, especially the buds lower on the trunk...
  7. Tntthunder

    How to bend bonsai properly?

    So I think I've got wiring down pretty well, it's neat, it's not tight, not loose, I am doing the two branch/slingshot method, no crossing wire etc. I feel it's going great. However when it gets to the bending part I am struggling a lot and lacking a lot of skill. When I bend the wire loosens...
  8. Tntthunder

    Good High nitrogen fertilizer in Northern Europe?

    I was wondering if there was anyone in the Nordic countries that could point to a high nitrogen fertilizer for trees in development. Don't really speak the language yet and don't know any local brands. I prefer granules but will use whatever need be. Currently been using an organic that is only...
  9. A

    Overwintering advice needed in terrible conditions.

    So first of all I want to make sure I am understanding what kills the plants over winter. I have been researching and trying to learn for this year. Unlike what many people think (me included at first) it's not the cold that kills the plant and not the fact roots are frozen, but it kills it by...
  10. A

    How to know when to take wire off?

    I was looking at the wiring on my juniper and notice that the bark was worn away in some places and showed green underneath the wire. In one spot I can see it looks like it dug in a tad (I think) Is this bad ? Did I take it off at a good time? Too early? Too late? What are the normal signs of...
  11. A

    Are there any good flowering tree species for harsh winters?

    I'm from Northern Europe and have got a few junipers, pines and yews and am quite new to Bonsai. Recently been thinking of getting into some flowering trees but I have no idea about what species or if they will survive in the winters here. Last winter it got as low as -30c and I don't have a...
  12. Tntthunder

    Help me with my wiring? Advice with design?

    So I recently went to my first workshop and it was great, I learnt a lot and It made me a little more confident with trying to do things alone. However when it comes to wiring I am still not confident in my abilities and I was hoping to get advice on the wiring here? Basically I used a young...
  13. D

    Bonsai Possibility? Best time to uproot?

    Hello! I've had a tough beginning to the year, which will result in me selling the house I've lived in for 35 years. There is a very old White Ash here that's monstrously tall, taller than my house, even! I'm looking for a way to take a piece with me. I'm afraid the next owner may cut it down...
  14. glass_shark

    I need some fukien help!

    Hello all, I'm having issues with a fukien I have. i repotted it when i brought it home from lowes, but shortly after that i discovered some bugs. aphids i think, thats not why im here though. i removed the leaves, in hindsight probably not a good idea, but i figured if the leaves were gone the...
  15. glass_shark

    Schefflera help!

    I've had this guy for a couple of months. Schefflera are ones I've struggled a bit with, over watering mainly, but the two I keep inside are doing better now. This one has been outside, I've tried shade, sun, it's not seeming to want to cooperate lately. I defoliated it and cut back some of the...
  16. Tntthunder

    What should I do with this Chinese juniper stricta?

    Hello, I am very new to bonsai (a few weeks) and recently came to acquire a Chinese Juniper stricta that a neighbour was throwing away. I had to cut a lot off as it was dead and the tree seemed pretty unhealthy. I plan to let it gain its strength and so on but after that I am clueless. I mainly...
  17. glass_shark

    My pride and joy ficus, about a year into training. any tips are appreciated!

  18. M

    New to Bonsai, just got my first Japanese Maple

    Hey y’all, I just purchased my first Japanese maple that I got in a nursery pot. I did a fair amount of root pruning and I’m letting it recover in the shade currently. It seems like it’s recovering rather quickly which is good. I’ve been looking it over and I want to chop one of the main...
  19. C

    BRT Living outside?

    I inherited a BRZ from my father when he passed away last month. It made the journey from Colorado to Washington state in a cardboard box. It is growing like crazy now, I’m assuming because it’s always been in survival mode (my parents live at 9700’ in elevation, it’s always been indoors, max...
  20. D

    9 Month Old Flame Tree - Winter Care

    Hello, Last Christmas I received one of the standard Bonsai starter kits including a Delonix Regia (Flame Tree). Obviously this is not ideal for a total newbie in Pittsburgh, but I was thrilled to finally get one of the seeds to germinate last Spring and have been able to keep it alive...
  21. Sticks 'n' Triangles

    Mame Abies Koreana Piccolo

    Hi guys, my first post! I have been lurking for a while, but decided I could do with some advice. (not sure if this should be in the styling thread or what, but as It's my first post, I stuck it here.) I have this dwarf Korean fir, which I bought back in April, around when I first got into...
  22. B

    Is this tree dead???

    So recently I had a friend move away for college and he asked if I wanted is Juniper bonsai tree and me always wanting to get into bonsai but never pulling the trigger on buying my first tree gladly accepted the offer so I picked it up this morning and when I got it this was the condition I got...
  23. Boex

    New to Bonsai in Montreal Canada

    Hello everyone, I've been interested in growing bonsai for years now and just found this forum which seems to have a lot of passionate members. Living in an apartment, with no good sunlight, I haven't really had the opportunity to start yet, but after visiting a friend of mine and randomly...
  24. pstaboche

    Juniperus squamata styling advice

    New to bonsai and nervous about removing large branches. The first picture shows the slight S bend I'd like to use as the front but there's a branch (1) near the top that may detract from the trunk line. My bigger problem is the lower branches. I can't decide which ones to keep! Second picture...
  25. winslowgirl

    Florida/ bougainvillea bonsai

    Hi everyone... I just bought a bougainvillea bonsai - live in Florida. I see bougainvillea everywhere in Florida and are drought resistant. However, we haven't had much rain lately and I have been testing/watching to know when to water versus when not too. I thought since bougainvillea are so...
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