new tree

  1. D

    Bonsai Possibility? Best time to uproot?

    Hello! I've had a tough beginning to the year, which will result in me selling the house I've lived in for 35 years. There is a very old White Ash here that's monstrously tall, taller than my house, even! I'm looking for a way to take a piece with me. I'm afraid the next owner may cut it down...
  2. JuniperSol

    Recently Styled my Juniper, thoughts and advice? I'm still learning

    Today I purchased a Juniper from a local nursery garden and fell in love with its movement. After some pretty hard pruning and a bit of wiring, I managed to get this unique shape and movement. Some Redditors have recommended that I prune it back more, which I agree with but am unsure as to how...
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