1. TurkishTree

    Procumbens nana juniper, need information.

    I bought a Procumbens Juniper yesterday, Firstly I need to know about watering. Second can it live in balcony? Third about the fertilization. Please help me to learn these
  2. TurkishTree

    My new bonsai need help.

    Hello, I bought a new bonsai (candidate) today, but the seller did not know it’s specie and a wire was attached to it should I get the wire out?
  3. F

    dwarf jade fertilizer (portulacaria afra)

    i recently purchased a mature dwarf jade on a whim for my birthday, and have been researching as much as i can ever since. i think i’m getting the hang of it in general one thing i am struggling to find consistent answers on is fertilisation. from the garden centre i also purchased a small vial...
  4. B

    New Lions Head

    I found this Lions Head at a local nursery that looked great for bonsai. Seemed to be cared for very well and it's about 2 feet tall. As it stands I dont feel like there is much to do to shape this one besides transferring it to a small pot. Any other ideas for this???
  5. M

    Found a layered plant and want to start bonsai

    Hello all, newbie here and working on an almost non existent budget for hobbies such as this. I am a newbie to bonsai and gardening in general. I do research extensively via google and learn as much as I can. So working with my zero budget I have been eyeing some bushes that would seem cool...
  6. I

    First post concerning placement of dwarf jade

    I have a dwarf jade . I have shelf in front of a east facing window, it's a great spot in terms of viewing the bonsai. it receives sunlight diffused from behind a large tree in my backyard. Today I moved it out to my deck to get some more sunlight but I am concerned about a couple things. 1...
  7. C

    Help/Advice - Florida Maple Bonsai Tree

    Hey All, I got my shovel and scooped up a few Maple tree saplings the other day from the yard and I was hoping to get some advice on what to do with them. I know the pots aren't traditional bonsai pots and all i had at the time was potting soil.Can anyone tell me what I should do next to get...
  8. bhunsai

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify :D

    New Seedling here, would love help to identify these two i have here. named "Garuda" (the tall one, eagle) and "Kurma" (the small one, turtle) I bought these guys after a fair bit of thought went into purchasing a bonsai for my birthday, buuuut the owner had a tonne of them (100-150) and didn't...
  9. T

    Help with a half-dead ficus bonsai

    Absolute newbie here. Bit of a long story how it wound up this way, but I have a Golden Gate Ficus bonsai that was believed to be dead, but did finally develop some new growth. Thing is, the only growth is near the base of the tree. I assume the upper portions are indeed dead. As it sits...
  10. Andrew R.

    Is my tree dead?

    Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to bonsai and have some questions regarding my tree. I have a juniper, I believe. I was out of town last week and when I left for vacation my tree seemed perfectly healthy and green. I've had the tree for about four years and it's been pretty hardy and not too...
  11. J

    Bonsai Trio Kit

    Hi! I am brand new to the world of Bonsai and just got a Bonsai trio kit for Christmas. I sowed the seeds, put the pots in perforated bags, and placed them in a cool dry spot out of direct light. I am supposed to wait the 2-3 weeks. Has anyone else tried this kit? I have no idea what to expect.
  12. H

    Virginian, new to Bonsai.

    Hello all, I am wanting to start some Bonsai trees. I don't know much and that is why I am posting here to get some direction. I am actually thinking of growing from seedling. I have experience with seedling growth. First of all are there any good guidebooks for starting Bonsai? Maybe a...
  13. Mashu

    Weeping Barbados Cherry

    I recently bought this gorgeous weeping barbados cherry from a local nursery for an astounding 8 dollars. I was wondering, as this is considered a sub-tropical tree, is it capable of growing year-round or does it need something similar to a dormant/rest period? When I brought it home, it was...
  14. austindecker

    Need some help with this Ficus

    Long story short I have forever wanted to grow a bonsai tree but never actually got around to doing it until about a month ago. I went down to SLC (like the only place in Northern Utah I could find to buy any sort of a bonsai tree that wasnt nursery stock), and got myself a Ficus (I believe its...
  15. Mad Furiosa


    My bonsai is an indoor one due to Alberta weather.. hail..+40C/-40C..heavy snow.. intense sun (think dry intense heat) Anyways what should I do for winter? Our basement doesn't really cool and our garage will still be -30C at least. My bonsai is just a seedling. It's my picture. Suggestions?
  16. Elisa

    Starting from scratch

    Hi all, I've been wanting to start growing bonsai forever, and I think I'll finally be ready to do so this fall. I've done a fair bit of reading, and I'm receiving a lot of contrasting opinions - so thought I would try and collect some ideas. I'm based in the UK, so would preferably start on...
  17. M

    Juniper Bonsai

    Hello! I am new to Bonsai, and i just bought this juniper! It came with this pot, and i know i have to re pot it because of the sticking-out baby roots. After that, i'll wait a month to fertilize it with 10:10:10 solution because of the summer coming. It is about 3 years old, do you guys...
  18. R

    Help with identifying my tree

    I was given seeds approximately 2 years ago and these 6 trees/plants sprouted. The person that gave me the seeds believed they were giant sequoias. After a little research I'm not sure that this is the case. I'm new to bonsai and need help from some more experienced person.
  19. Cory Johnson

    Ficus Retusa fusion?

    Hi all, new to the forums, joined because the posts I've read on here are much nicer than the people on reddit. So I know with the right knowhow and patience microcarpa and Benjamina ficus will fuse together Will Retusa do the same? if I want to cheat the system and get a few of the ones from...
  20. jcrossett

    New spot

    Okay so went to my new place last night and the back yard is over grown in the corners and back side. Wanted to see if any of you would try to save some of this. I'm still new so not sure what can and can't be used. And some of this looks way to mature and over grown. There are also 2 yews...
  21. J

    Time to move on: how do I make my new love less skinny?

    Hi, This was my love and passion for almost 8 years before I was put into hospital for 3 month and my neighbor who promised to take care of it during that time got to occupied emptying my wine collection. I have a very hard time letting go of things, and I believe that's why I'm drawn to...
  22. A

    Chinese Elm hasnt sprouted new leaves in over 2 months

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to see if there was anything I can do to save my first bonsai tree. Little history: When I got the tree back in Nov the leaves quickly fell off because of root rot which i did away with and re-plotted the bonsai in a new ~70% non-organic ~30% organic mixture soil with a...
  23. MattE

    Newbie Questions :P

    Hey everyone!, Im so happy i found this site i have been doing so much research on The art of bonsai. A question i have is being that i live in canada and the summers are up to +33C some times hotter and winters are -30 C some times colder lol. Whats a good plant to start with i really like the...
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