1. Nefreia

    Identifying a Crassula and a Ficus

    First and foremost, I've finally decided to come out of the shadows. I've been stalking around this site for about a year now, made an account a month ago, and here we are today. And second, I'm new to the bonsai world and trying to learn what I can as I go. I currently have two plants that I'm...
  2. J

    First Real Bonsai Project, Need Guidance

    Hello all, I'm new to bonsai, be gentle! To start, the tree in question has the name " Juniperus chinensis 'Daub's Frosted' " and I live near Eugene, Oregon in zone 8b. This is the first tree I've started working on in an effort to learn how to bonsai so even if I don't get it to survive this...
  3. A

    What are these gnats nesting in my BRT?

    I recently got a Brazilian rain tree this summer and have had it outside up until now. Both outside in the summer and now inside I have seen these small insects on the tree. They mostly seem to be near or on new growth. I'm guessing they're feasting on the sap the tree produces. As far as I can...
  4. C

    Ponderosa Needle Blight?

    New member here! Yesterday I picked up a number of ponderosa pine seedlings from an environmental restoration program that ran out of time for planting and were getting rid of their remaining seedlings. I planted them in pots and quarantined them. Today I noticed some bands of discoloration on...
  5. Y

    First time wiring ever.

    This is my first time ever wiring anything so welcome so criticism and feedback! I’m going for a cascade as it’s my wife’s favorite style of bonsai. Starting to bring that right side down and pruned a big branch on the left. Trimmed down the middle area to get it shorter as it was very leggy so...
  6. B

    Resources for the N00b

    Hello! I am so excited to have found this forum as I have been working a tulip poplar into a tiny little pot and have a dwarf eastern pine that I would love to bonsai as well. I understand that I have no idea where to start— my first attempt at root pruning may have been an epic failure, and I...
  7. JamesBondsai

    1yr old Pinus Mugo Pumilio - Help!

    Please help ☺️ Hello all, I'm very new to the world of Bonsai and have been growing a Pinus Mugo Pumilio from the seed. I've got a 1yr old seedling and I'm looking for guidance. (I'm located in Southern England, for seasonal reference). I planted it towards the end of Autumn 2020 and simulated...
  8. B

    Is this tree dead???

    So recently I had a friend move away for college and he asked if I wanted is Juniper bonsai tree and me always wanting to get into bonsai but never pulling the trigger on buying my first tree gladly accepted the offer so I picked it up this morning and when I got it this was the condition I got...
  9. Scrogdor

    NA Hornbeam Pre-bonsai

    Found a great bonsai nursery in my area and picked up this North American Hornbeam. It got a little scorched during the heat wave a couple weeks ago, but it’s leaves will fall off soonish anyways. End of Summer stock was a little low, but I’m new so I don’t need anything super fancy, and this...
  10. Scrogdor

    Repotted Tiger Bark

    Repotted this ficus Tiger bark. Can’t help wonder if the pot is too small though. Trunk was bigger than I thought under the surface. I probably trimmed a little less than half the root mass. Should I A) repot this right away in something bigger B) repot it in a year in something bigger C)...
  11. A

    Complete newbie! I feel lost with my flame bonsai

    I’m so new to this. I’ve been growing my flame since a seed for a few months. And I’m pretty sure I’m not doing something right. I’ve had trouble trying to find and information on pruning and what I’m actually supposed to do :( please help!
  12. veles616

    My second "victim"

    This is a small tree i found under my goat willow a few months ago i think it must be a beech or a hornbeam, it's the second tree i decided to try and make a bonsai. I'm trying to learn everything there is to learn but it's very difficult to get proper information and materials where I live, do...
  13. El Duderino

    El Duderino's Garden ... A Deep Dive

    In the spirit of sharing with the community, I've decided it's time to start my first thread. I need a central place to document my trees' progress. And I figure if I can do that here, I'll have a better opportunity to learn from you all as I go along. My fascination with Bonsai began a long...
  14. C

    Newly collected Oak

    Good Evening! I just wanted to share this new Oak! I got this from a family members property that has three different oak species, as well as other trees. This oak was carefully dug out of the ground and placed into a fairly large training box. I really like the way the trunk bends on it. the...
  15. Clicio

    Now it's that time of the year, folks!

    Yeah, from now on, to the next two months, there will be plenty of newbies that got a banzai as a Xmas gift. My suggestion is to not discourage those who show interest in the hobby, treat them kindly, without sarcastic or ironic comments, and be prepared to answer the same questions for a while...
  16. T

    How to go About Growing a Root-Over-Rock

    I want to make a root-over-rock; specifically, one with a geode. The rock isn't the issue; I have plenty of areas to search for the perfect geode. The issue is growing it. I am quite new to the art of bonsai, and don't know how to make one. What's the best way to go about it? Should I find a...
  17. CheleJess1021

    Bought a juniper from a street vendor...How can I fix this mistake

    I just bought this potted juniper from a street vendor to celebrate our marriage (Wed Oct 21st). He told me to only water once every two days lightly. From what I've read on y'alls beautiful forum is that is wrong and I should water it much more. Can anyone add to this? The soil looks good...
  18. J

    Juniper tree newbie

    Hi everyone. I just started getting interested in bonsai this summer. I’ve just found a juniper with root in a bit a bad condition so for now i just did so trimming. I just wanted to know how could one develop or style the tree i have.
  19. B

    Collecting Acer Rubrum

    Hi everyone, I’m located in New England, USA and know just enough of bonsai yo be dangerous haha . I was hoping to get some guidance and advice for collecting one or two Red Maples I have come across ranging between 3-5 inches at the base and show potential as bonsai. Attached are pics of the 4...
  20. S

    What bonsai soil mix to use and of what grain size?

    I’m new to bonsai and have heard that having a good granular water retaining draining soil for bonsai is almost essential. I currently have an orange jessamine and a Chinese juniper and am planing to grow more plants of the latter and also a few ficuses. The only available soils/mediums...
  21. F

    Ginseng ficus from ikea!

    so I thought it would be a good idea, with absolutely no idea what I am doing to try to de foliate and trim my woody bits! I’m hoping I haven’t just killed it, but do you think I need to do anymore? I’m struggling with the woody bits! My aim is to just have a thick bushy tree but I have very...
  22. Clorgan

    New Field Maple with girthhhh

    Went to buy wire, got pulled in by this chunky trunk. A few cut marks on one side (this will most likely be the back!) It's my first maple, been wanting to try one, thought this would be a good start! Looks healthy and yeah, I'm a fan of the trunk. It's not perfect, but I think it's workable...
  23. Clorgan

    Lovely little Potentilla

    Ordered this shohin potentilla from Shoka Bonsai - I love it! Think it's got a lovely trunk line, great nebari and looks super healthy. And it came in a beautiful pot! Really pleased with it and excited to see where it can go. No immediate plans, but I can see this becoming a favourite of mine...
  24. vonklutch

    My poor trees.

    Hi everyone, new here, new in general I like what you've done with the place. I am the owner of two very sad little trees who have suffered a mix of abuse, and I'm trying to help them pull through. Long story short, my wife and I recently purchased a house in the country and in our first year...
  25. Maw

    My trees 🌴🌳🌲🌵🌱

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and wanted to share my trees. 👋 The trees are Chinese Privat, Ficus brothers and sister, Brush Cherry and Serissa Foetida(snow rose) I have been into bonsai for over 1 year now. I got really happy seeing the flower on the Serissa yesterday! 😍 Tips...
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