1. M

    Found a layered plant and want to start bonsai

    Hello all, newbie here and working on an almost non existent budget for hobbies such as this. I am a newbie to bonsai and gardening in general. I do research extensively via google and learn as much as I can. So working with my zero budget I have been eyeing some bushes that would seem cool...
  2. C

    Help/Advice - Florida Maple Bonsai Tree

    Hey All, I got my shovel and scooped up a few Maple tree saplings the other day from the yard and I was hoping to get some advice on what to do with them. I know the pots aren't traditional bonsai pots and all i had at the time was potting soil.Can anyone tell me what I should do next to get...
  3. sparklemotion

    How to ask a good question about a tree

    Welcome to the Nuthouse! We are excited that you've decided to jump into the hobby, and are looking forward to help you do what's best for your tree. You can save our time and yours by answering some of these questions up front. This isn't an official list or anything, but chances are if your...
  4. C

    Yellow colored water draining out from Bonsai?!

    Hello Bonsai Nuts, Im a newbie to bonsai, found my first (and only still) Juniper Bonsai while browsing a random nursery i found and It was love at first sight. Since then Ive been doing my best to learn everything I can to take proper care of my little Bonsai, and i was doing pretty ok i...
  5. C

    Bonsai Fever

    Hello, I have caught the bonsai fever. I just pruned my first portulacaria Afra. I’m debating on making it a single trunk. I included two pics. Looking forward to the feedback. Thank you, CH
  6. M

    New to Bonsai - Indoor Ficus Ginseng Tree Help.

    Hi, I am totally new to Bonsai in general and have acquired an unknown age Ficus Ginseng Tree. Recently, the tree has dropped its leaves (both old and new) even the smallest knock will make them drop. The stems are becoming rather bare (see images). I read online that this particular...
  7. Nadkid

    Advice for pruning dwarf Hinoki Cypress

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum, though I expect to be much more active with the amount of questions I'm sure to have. Anyway, this is my first Bonsai, purchased from a seller for a clean $15. He said it was a "California Golden Cypress", though I think that may just be a misnomer...
  8. Spencer

    Identify my bonsai

    I'm new to bonsai and I need to know what kind of tree I have that way I can care for it properly.
  9. Christa

    starting from seed

    Hi! I am as new to bonsai as can possibly be and I don't have much gardening experience either. I always wanted to grow bonsai's though, so it is time. Me and my cousin got this package deal with 16 different kind of trees and about 90 seeds. So any tips on where to start? I suppose it...
  10. KLefty

    Arizona Bonsai

    Hello. I'm new to bonsai. I picked up a couple trees, repotted them, but haven't worked with them much yet. One is a Japanese Boxwood. Ya see, Arizona summers are hot and dry. Winters can be cold and wet. I know that dudicious trees are supposed to be outside to go through the natural cycle of...
  11. L

    Ficus question.

    This is my first post on this forum, and I'm pretty new to the bonsai game. I got a tree today that I could use some advice on. It's a ficus (not sure what one), with a lot of deadwood on it. From what I understand, the deadwood has been untreated for a couple years and it still pretty solid...
  12. Elisa

    Starting from scratch

    Hi all, I've been wanting to start growing bonsai forever, and I think I'll finally be ready to do so this fall. I've done a fair bit of reading, and I'm receiving a lot of contrasting opinions - so thought I would try and collect some ideas. I'm based in the UK, so would preferably start on...
  13. OrganicSeasonal

    I really need some help/guidance! Is it too late?

    Hello all. I have been researching what to do with my jbp, and constantly held off doing work on it. I think I know to snap off candles(also that they become branch), and you must do so strategically for structure of tree. Can some people chime in where I should start, I'm afraid to do anything...
  14. Tmcd009

    No More Lurking

    Well, the time has come to move out of the shadows and post something! I started getting into the hobby roughly a year ago, and so a lot of the work I did after my first summer was less exciting than what is going on this spring. So, I decided to be a more passive member of bnut until I had...
  15. krcmari6

    Newbie with a Brazilian Rain Tree

    Hi all, I have always loved the idea of bonsai and finally took the plunge into buying a prebonsai. Probably in way over my canopy here picking a tropical instead of a native deciduous, but I did it anyways. So far so good. It has been in my care for two weeks and although one branch doesn't...
  16. B

    Large jade project

    I was recently gifted this 15-17 year old jade and it is in desperate need of some work. I am new to bonsai and am a bit reluctant in how to proceed. I know it has to go into a new pot as it has been in the same one for the last 8 years, along the same wall. Any advice would be most welcome.
  17. Bavarian Raven

    Dogwood - Bonsai - possibly :P

    So a little back story here. October I was started to get the Bonsai "hype". I found this naturally air layered dogwood branch at one of the commercial places I do work for. It came up well enough with a lot of good roots. Plus it has some interesting scars and shape IMHO. Next I found some...
  18. Aaron V

    Newbie needing advice on first bonsai!

    Today I finally picked up my first bonsai tree which is a 7 year old Juniper (not sure the exact species) and it looks great! I have done a ton of research and it seems that the more I search, the more questions I have. Any advice on Juniper care helps a ton considering there isn't much of a...
  19. OJavali

    Unknown Pine, need help

    Hello everyone, I have had a Chinese Elm since 2013 and it is now 9 years old. It's a low maintenance tree that keeps it's round shape throughout it's life (at least with the way it was pruned), so my experience is kind of lacking. Ever since I bought that first bonsai, I have wanted to make my...
  20. ViLLyN

    Hello and Thank You

    Hello All, I'm brand spankin new to Bonsai but have been interested for years. Ive been reading through the forums here and already can see that there is a great wealth of information. I just wanted to say hi and thanks in advance for all info. I plan on getting a few plants to get started...
  21. SumatraDave

    Soil mix on a budget

    Ok so without getting to far into soil wars I would like to get some soon but I'm on a budget. "I've only got $20 in my pocket". I've been reading a little ablot lava rock and akadama but those are pretty expensive in my area (middle Tennessee, USA 7A). You guys have any suggestions for a N00b...
  22. T

    Design help/ style guidance

    I recently acquired several junipers and am having trouble determining how to style them. I got them in March and they seem to be healthy and growing well. I have done only some basic clean up on them and have yet to do much in terms of styling them. I need some guidance as to how they should be...
  23. heisenberg

    Your guidance please!

    Hi all, Another newbie to bonsai requesting your ideas on what to do with my tree. I was gifted this little tree by my friend who bought it on a whim at a local market but never got into bonsai. He thinks it is a conifer and is approximately 5 years old (from what he can recall). He has no...
  24. MattE

    MY Question Thread lol

    So i thought i would create this thread for me and any other newbie and or anyone who has random questions they cant find the answer to. If you wish to respond or put in your .02 im sure it would be greatly appreciated by all. My one question i have to start this off as a noob is What is the...
  25. B

    Stone Pines (Tips for a Conifer Newbie)

    Growth style, tips for a newbie in conifers/pines. I'm thinking of going for a flattened hokidachi. No, I'm not crazy, and i know that style is almost unheard of in most pines, but it is the natural shape of a Stone/Italian Pine, and i put what's natural for a mature specimen in the specific...