1. V

    Another failed attempt trying to bonsai a nursery stock

    Hey guys, hope you all have a great day. I really don't want to put out another thread about a beginner trying to bonsai some nursery stock and then naively ask why did the plant die but literally it's. A little background I got this nursery stock, which was about one liter pot, a couple of week...
  2. A

    Dawn Redwood wilting

    I am sad! I have had this dawn redwood for about 2 months. It was doing fine and sprouting new leafs. However... it was root bound and i decided to repot it and also give it form by wiring. New soil mix is ~60% akadama , ~25% pumice and ~15% bonsai soil. I did prune the roots too, about 30-40%...
  3. SageMcKenna

    I need help with my flame tree :/

    I've started a flame tree from seed, and everything was going great, it was thriving, growing so fast and thick, and I repotted it, and it's lost so many of it's leaves and branches. I was super careful, but it's dying so quickly I don't know what to do. I have it on a heating pad in a sunny...
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