1. SmallTreeGuy

    Places to buy Pines for Niwaki

    Hello all! I hope this is an ok place to ask this, but I am wondering if any of you fine folks know of any recommendations of places online (or in person) to buy larger ornamental trees for the landscape (specifically pine) suitable for Niwaki. I live in zone 8b, more specifically, Dallas...
  2. N

    Japanese Black Pine

    Hi All! I have a japanese black pine that I have planted in the ground in San Diego now nearing the end of fall. I'm hoping to keep it in the ground as niwaki. I was trying to create some curves, but the main trunk may be a little too thick. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to lop...
  3. N

    Japanese Black Pine Browning/Yellowing Advice

    Hey All! Got a Japanese black pine from the nursery a month ago and planted it into the ground this summer. I planted it on a mound to help with drainage and have been watering ~ 3 days or so. It gets about 5-8h hours of sunlight a day. I got my soil tested and nutrients are plentiful with...
  4. Bonsai Noodles

    Has anyone ever attempted "daisugi" bonsai or niwaki?

    I've recently gotten into a rabbit hole of rare techniques for bonsai and niwaki. One thing I came across is "daisugi" (see image/link). Has anyone ever attempted such techniques? What species/cultivars do you think could possibly work for daisugi? Perhaps the Hinoki Cypress, but for (maybe...
  5. I

    Mugo pine choice for niwaki?

    Hello! I would like to train a niwaki specimen on a garden slope into a shape resembling “semi cascade,” with about a width of 1.5 m (4-5 feet). Does anyone have a sense of whether I would benefit from either the vigor of the species Mugo pine, or instead by choosing a cultivar that more...
  6. Joe R

    Bonsai-ish Trumpet vine.

    Just wanted to show off this red vine ive slowly turned into something that resembles a bonsai! It was growing on an old fence that was to be removed, and the boss wanted it cut down. Instead I chopped all the vines off and left it with no veg. It had about 10 foot of thick vines growing both...
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