nursery bonsai

  1. electraus

    Any reputable deciduous pre-bonsai vendors near the South Bay Area?

    I know there's Grove Way in Hayward, but most of their trees are already styled and I remember them being primarily conifers. Anything in the area that won't require me to drive for hours? Thanks!
  2. blainsai

    Back to nursery pot 4 more size. Help

    Wife got me my 2nd tree from the same old lady and her van on a St. corner. It’s a healthy little tree but I want more tree. Can I just use a cheap black plastic pot that all my other gardening plants come in. Like a 1 gallon? Or do I need something fancy like I see on Also...
  3. Apex37

    Nursery Bald Cypress #1

    Picked this guy up at a local nursery for a decent price. Considering how often BC are used as shade trees here in Texas, there's few to be found in my area that aren't too large or expensive. This guy is 4.5' tall and a 1 1/2" base. I'm going to repot into a 15"x12"x3" Anderson flat like tray...
  4. Apex37

    Nursery JWP?

    Debating on getting this guy, but it may be more work than it's worth. $200 ain't cheap, but I don't see nursery pines like this here. Tree is about 18" from soil level with about a 3" nebari. Decent branch structure. Roots I'm sure are a mess, which may lend itself to not being a good choice...
  5. Baker

    Hinoki Cypress Nursery Stock questions

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new to bonsai. I just joined this forum community. I have accumulated 4 trees that can be safely called developed bonsai, 3 potted into bonsai pots that are in training to become bonsai, 2 cuttings growing furiously, and a porch full of nursery stock. I guess you could...
  6. fossiliferous

    McMinnville multi-nursery day trip?

    Hi all, I currently live about an hour from McMinnville, Tennessee, which bills itself as the “Nursery Capital of the World.” There are vastly more nurseries down there than I could visit in a single day... around 300 total! I know many of them won’t be great to work with and are meant for those...
  7. Z

    Any ideas for pruning this nursery pine?

    I got rid of a few unsightly branches and now im stumped with what to do with it... im not going for an "instant bonsai" but i have little experience with pines and need some kind of idea. Don't plan to repot for a while.. Any tips will help
  8. ekim046

    Nursery Satsuki Azalea Bonsai - 3 YR prog. + Tool Giveaway

    Hey folks, This I'm still pretty new to bonsai and after numerous moves over the last few years, this is one of the oldest bonsai that I have. I purchased it for about $35 at a local nursery as an azalea shrub and have worked on it (and made many, many mistakes on it) and this is how it looks...
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