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  1. T

    Mugo and Austrian pines

    Just picked up this mugo and Austrian for half off today $10 and $20. I did some minor root work on the mugo when clearing out the trunk and put it in the pond basket. Nothing too major. Cut a few branches off of it. But now I’m kinda stuck wondering what to do. I read doing this kind of work on...
  2. TrevorLarsen

    Austrian Black Pine Progression

    I have previously posted this tree here, but after my work today I thought this tree deserved its own progression thread. I first bent this tree quite drematically from this To this Now about four months later I...
  3. M

    Shin-deshojo nursery stock

    Hi to all, so I have this shin deshojo maple that I want to bonsai, it’s from nursery stock, what would be the best course of action .
  4. H

    New here, question re JWP 'goldilocks'

    Hello all, It's my first time posting here. Having recently moved to New Haven (zone 6b/7a) from Sydney, I'm now in a position to take up the hobby (addiction?) all over again, and this time I've had the opportunity to work with new material that I couldn't grow very well in zone 10b. I...
  5. L

    Nursery stock - Acer Palmatum - want your input!

    Got these three plants to entertain myself during my vacations. I want to use three different approaches on them, like an experiment. These are $20 nursery stock so I’d like to learn as much as I can and not being too careful. Tree number one: Tree number two: Tree number three: As...
  6. invaderzim

    Seiju elm nursery find, good potential?

    I was in the area and stopped by a local nursery and was looking around and found these Seiju elms that they had on final clearance. Generally speaking for nursery material, it looked great to me and started to get some really nice bark, but it had some pretty noticeable reverse taper. I wanted...
  7. Apex37

    Nursery Stock Pomegranate #1

    Purchased this guy from a local nursery a bit after repotting season this year, plan to put him in a much shallower container next year. A lot of the reasoning behind the pruning was to go ahead and start an initial structure. I also needed to reduce the amount of room this guy was going to take...
  8. Apex37

    Nursery Stock Crepe Myrtle #1

    I’ve had this guy little under a year and figured I’d start a thread to track his progress and all. He’s got a long way to go, but I did some pruning last night and figured I’d start a thread for him. Here’s some upcoming plans and issues: 1. I’m having difficulty picking a front for this tree...
  9. B

    Nursery Rescue JBP

    Hey all. I was out buying some border plants and spotted a neglected but vigorous JBP thunbergii for £50. It was developing quite bad whorls and I thought maybe I’ll just make a garden tree. On getting it home, I think it has a nice natural trunk movement and realised perhaps the taper can be...
  10. J

    Looking for advice

    Hello all, I recently purchased these 3 Japanese Maples from a local nursery & had two main questions - how could I go about identifying the trees? They have some green foliage as well as some purple and red foliage on them & dark purple stems. My next question is when should I go about...
  11. p_anova

    Help Structural Pruning JBP

    Hello All, Just picked up my first JBP "Mikawa" from Meehan's and wanted to get some ideas for the first structural pruning to develop the tree. I believe the correct time of year would be late fall here in Washington DC. There is a whorl at the second branch level, about 4 total that needs...
  12. AnutterBonsai

    My $13 azalea summer project [experiment]

    Found a pretty good sized Encore Azalea at Lowe’s yesterday and did a full bare root repot of it and some major pruning back to give primary structure definition. the purpose of this experiment is to see if it’ll endure the Texas summer heat in august. I only used a wooden chopstick to...
  13. AnutterBonsai

    What would you do? Azalea nursery stock

    Found a great nursery stock azalea today! Having trouble finding a design for it. Any ideas would be appreciated. 🤔 Thinking of cutting in half each branch to promote back budding lower in the trunk and pick get flower bulbs off. Also took off all the weeds growing on the surface.
  14. M

    Crepe Myrtle: Decisions

    Hello friends. I dug up this young purple crepe myrtle from a friend’s yard that they didn’t want. It’s relatively long and skinny for bonsai so I’m deciding whether or not to chop off the majority of the top. My plan is pictured below. Seem like a good idea? What would you guys do?
  15. LunaticTree

    Identification and Futureprogress

    Hello there, our local Gardencenter tried to get rid of this beautiful Tree, it is very small and compressed in growth. I might be a gardener but not a Master, I know it has to be some sort of Abies balsamea, maybe even a dwarf version. The Tree has a vry nice Shape and Apex growth, I think it...
  16. ArelLongIslandNY

    Blue Atlas Cedar Nursery Stock

    Hey, if anyone is interested I picked up this Cedar from . It’s about 5’ tall 2 gallon container for $100 after shipping ! Where do I start haaaa. It seems super tall. Do I cut it shorter already or let it keep growing wild for a while. Its pring here in NY and...
  17. BrightsideB

    Nursery stock 2 hollies in pot 1 dead on sale

    I was searching the “compromised” pile at a nursery and found this holly with small foliage with a 3/4 nebari. It had two in one pot and the other died so I guess that is why they didn’t want it. The one that was living looked good and it flowered about a month ago really nicely. I want to...
  18. fossiliferous

    McMinnville multi-nursery day trip?

    Hi all, I currently live about an hour from McMinnville, Tennessee, which bills itself as the “Nursery Capital of the World.” There are vastly more nurseries down there than I could visit in a single day... around 300 total! I know many of them won’t be great to work with and are meant for those...
  19. MaineBonsaiEnthusiast

    Pinus Sylvestris Nursery Stock

    Hey everyone, I picked up this giant Sylvestris at my local nursery for a steal a month or so ago. I couldn't pass it up with a trunk that size. I'm super happy with how vigorous it is, but I need some advice. Once the needles harden off I need to do some significant branch reduction. Where the...
  20. ndl17

    Ground Layer Arakawa?

    Hello! This is my first post on this website, as I am new to bonsai since Fall 2019! I've read a couple books and watched a ton of YouTube videos. I could use some advice with a nursery Arakawa. I thought for sure I would have to air layer it [and never having air layered before, I was nervous...
  21. Fishtank307

    Dwarf pin oak

    This is an interesting landscaping tree I picked up last year. It's a dwarf pin oak or Quercus palustris 'Isabelle'. When I bought it, it was around 1.7m high, with a fairly wide canopy. A couple of weeks ago, I cut it back, hoping to get it to backbud on older wood, which it did. The plan is to...
  22. P

    Potting a Nursery Juniper

    Hi All, I just potted up the nursery junipers that I've been fattening up for the past 3 years from regular soil to bonsai soil. And now I'm terrified that they'll die like my first attempt at bonsai many years ago. When I moved them I only trimmed the rootball so it would fit into the pots, I...
  23. J

    Bonsai Material Acquired... What Now?

    Hey guys! I stopped by Lowe's today to ravage the houseplant section, but found my way to the garden center and snagged these beauties for $3 each! I'm so new to bonsai that my plan was to stick with "pre-made", but the more I learn about the hobby, the more I'm itching to work a tree myself...
  24. Storm87

    Nursery stock juniper - slip pot in larger basket or not?

    Hi all, Just bought my first juniper form nursery stock (great discounts at this time of year!). I was wondering if I could slip pot it now (mid October, zone 8a) in a lager basket with bonsai soil. I'm planing to let this one row for a couple of years. See also the attached photo. Thx!
  25. TrunkTickler

    Nursery Stock to Bonsai, Order of Steps

    Hello bnuts, I've been in the deep end of the bonsai world for a couple of years now and I'm still confused on what the general steps should be from going from nursery stock to bonsai? My general question is, should the roots be worked/reduced first or the foliage worked/styled first? Is it...
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