oak style

  1. Wizeeerrrddd

    Any potential for a literati oak?

    Any potential for a literati oak? Added a quick sketch to show what angle I was thinking. or any style? what would you do with this material?
  2. jbogard

    Recently acquired post oak (Quercus stellata)

    I was lucky enough to purchase this pretty cool oak prebonsai at a Dallas nursery and just had to take it home with me because I think it has potential to become something awesome in the future. From what I’ve read collecting oak is something that’s not necesarilly easy to do and it was awesome...
  3. ColinFraser

    Boxwood - Live Oak Style

    I recently brought home a new project from California Bonsai Studio - a prebonsai boxwood. Here it is cramming into my hatchback: And at home with my coffee mug for scale:
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