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  1. Rodrigo

    Winged Elm - Oak Style

    I purchased a winged elm about 6 months ago that supposedly was a root cutting. This will be a progression of this tree, which I'm trying to style like an old Oak you'd find in the middle of a field. Here is an inspiration of what I'm going for Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures when I...
  2. AnutterBonsai

    Boxwood Wintergreen “Winterstar” $13 find!

    Today I stumbled upon this great piece of material that I just couldn’t resist buying for at a great price! As you can see, starting at the nebari, it has those roots to the side that I loved because they don’t look, to me, too big of an issue and instead “anchor” the powerful and barky trunk...
  3. Angryfluff

    12 yr Valley Oak grown from acorn

    Hello lovely Bonsai people, I have been intrigued by bonsai since a very young age but have never tried anything what with life and my other plant obsessions- orchids, plumerias, etc. I have a 12 yr old Vally oak that I grew from an acorn in a pot that I am thinking of trying to turn into a...
  4. G

    Can I prune back this oak while there are still leaves on it

    Hello, I am wondering if I can prune back this oak while there are still leaves remaining on it this time of year in the uk and also to where you would recommend pruning back to thanks
  5. Wizeeerrrddd

    Any potential for a literati oak?

    Any potential for a literati oak? Added a quick sketch to show what angle I was thinking. or any style? what would you do with this material?
  6. Big Country Bonsai

    Recently acquired post oak (Quercus stellata)

    I was lucky enough to purchase this pretty cool oak prebonsai at a Dallas nursery and just had to take it home with me because I think it has potential to become something awesome in the future. From what I’ve read collecting oak is something that’s not necesarilly easy to do and it was awesome...
  7. ColinFraser

    Boxwood - Live Oak Style

    I recently brought home a new project from California Bonsai Studio - a prebonsai boxwood. Here it is cramming into my hatchback: And at home with my coffee mug for scale:
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