1. J

    Advice on where to chop newly collected oaks

    Hey guys, new to bonsai and I could really use some advice on where to cut my trees to give them the greatest chance to become a bonsai at some point. I read that oaks can be collected in late summer so hopefully I’m not completely wrong. Any general advice is appreciated. I believe this is a...
  2. Potsofgreen

    Are my oaks dead?

    Hello guys and gals new to the site but I’ve been lurking around on various posts for years just doing research and learning I’ve been into the hobby for years but this past year fully dived in with multiple trees and goals. I recently was able to acquire some coast live oaks (I live in SoCal)...
  3. H

    How to collect this red oak?

    Beavers have turned this into a pretty interesting thing! Pics are a little blurry, but u just noticed tonight that this stump isn't dead. What can I do with it? Since the leaves are open, seems I should wait til they garden off to undercut it, then collect next spring before bud break? Keep the...
  4. ConorDash

    Bonsai @ Kew Gardens

    Hello, I recently visited Kew, Royal Botanical gardens in the UK, Richmond. Website. They had a very small greenhouse with Bonsai in, from around the world, so I of course took many pictures and 2 videos (for a bit more of a 3D look). These were very excellent trees, in my opinion. There's a...
  5. BeebsBonsai

    White Oak repotted- full sun or shade?

    Hey fellow nuts, A coworker brought in a white oak saplig for me today and i repotted it. Had to, i know i know its not good to do this time of year, but he dug it up out of his yard and the tree was in the slimiest, thickest clay ive ever seen. I had to dig around it within the pot to...
  6. ConorDash

    Quercus Faginea (Portuguese Oak)

    Hello, This is a new tree of mine, just delivered yesterday. From Graham Potter's Kaizen. I believe it was collected 2 years ago and has been with them ever since, repotted in Spring. Let me know what you think and with any advice for its care. It's my first oak, my previous (current) species...
  7. ant888

    Pin oak Bonsai

    Hello all, I have a pin oak I would like to create a bonsai out of. Most people say I should plant the tree, but as I said, I want to create the bonsai. Do I just leave the tree in its pot, and then do I repot it in the correct season? Thanks all for your help.
  8. M

    Live oak bonsai

    During fall-winter 2016 I collected roughly 100-150 live oak acorns from a friends property located a short drive from the sierra national forest. I have been unable to determine the exact species of oak but so far the closest match is the Coast Live oak. Leaves have sharp pointed tips and the...
  9. RileyJFDB13

    Collected Saplings Advice

    Hello all, Looking for after care advice on these 4 trees, to ponderosa pines and two interior live oaks. The came fro a property close to yosemite National forrest.
  10. D

    Cork Oak Trunk Chop

    Looking to acquire a cork oak and have several options available. All options would require a trunk chop. Looking for advice on what would be best time of year to complete and any limitations on trunk size or any other precautions I should be aware of.
  11. D

    Need help with some oaks

    I dug several native oaks (I live in N. Michigan) yesterday b/c they were free and going to be destroyed due to construction. Nice trees, good taper and root spreads, but I'm concerned about keeping them alive given that they were dug in August. I don't have much experience with oaks. Should...
  12. aframe

    Pin Oak; Quercus Palustris

    This is an interesting tree; naturally exposed roots, white bark and reddish leaves are quite attractive. I cut the trunk down 2 years ago where there was no growth. It responded with by throwing several strong shoots, essentially what you see today. The trunk will be hollowed out early...
  13. Live Oak After hair cut

    Live Oak After hair cut

  14. Cork Bark Oak

    Cork Bark Oak

    Picture was taken at Nanpu Kai Show 2009.
  15. Informal Cork oak

    Informal Cork oak

  16. Baby Live Oak

    Baby Live Oak

    Collected last week, no shovel needed. eBay age 20 years.