1. Water Oak (Quercus Nigra - red oak group)

    Water Oak (Quercus Nigra - red oak group)

    Slant style found growing by back porch in 2020.
  2. Backwardsvg

    Bur Oak

    I am trying to find more info on bur oak and if they are worth giving a shot. I am somewhat limited in collection areas and it just so happens a little squirrel must have buried an acorn a year or two ago because I have a little bur oak popping up in my yard. My main question is are bur oaks...
  3. Kane_

    Trunk chop?

    Hello 👋 I purchased the pictured oak last summer. My intention is to chop it quite short as the trunk seems reasonable. As you can see there is no foliage toward the base: will the tree just die if I leave no foliage on the tree, or will it ‘back-bud’? And shoot out some new branches. Any...
  4. A

    Inspiring trees around me

    this tree in my backyard has the best twisty branches. I’m pretty sure that the owner grafted one or two of branches because they’re a different bark and growth type but the way they grow is wild. One of the main trunks also snapped off during ice storm Urie last year and is a great asymmetric...
  5. Scrogdor

    Oak winter leaf drop or something else?

    This was a nursery stock Oregon white oak I picked up in fall. It’s a deciduous oak, one of the only trees I have that still has its leaves. However the leaves are browning/ yellowing. I haven’t done anything to it besides slip pot it into an airpot that was the next size up. with the same...
  6. A

    Do Coastal Live Oaks Grow During Winter?

    I know that Coast Live Oaks will keep its foliage during winter, but do they also continue to grow? I live in San Francisco, so our winters are very mild and will likely never reach freezing. If they do continue to grow, should I continue fertilization?
  7. Apex37

    Is Evergreen Oak (Quercus ilex) a Good Bonsai Subject?

    Curious if anyone has used these for bonsai subject or had any luck with them. I have one in my yard thinking of maybe getting some cuttings of or doing a possible air layer as I don't have any oaks and thought might be fun to play around with. Couldn't find much online about them as bonsai.
  8. M

    Yamadori Oak Styling

    Dug up this oak a few months ago and it’s bursting with beautiful new foliage. Do you guys think this is suitable material for a good bonsai? Maybe if I chop it low and start a new leader? I dug it up because I thought the nebari was beautiful and there was a little taper at the base.
  9. hemmy

    Bird Poop Leaf Damage?

    I’ve never seen bird poop damage a leaf (I’m 95% sure this is bird poop). So either this one was one helluva shot and hit this existing dead spot, or the bird poop damaged the leaf. Is the damage from a pathogen or possibly fertilizer burn from the poop (which I’ve never seen before)? The mold...
  10. Antrox

    My starter Oak sapling

    Hello everyone, I have been silent here for a long time. I am now back for some of your precious suggestions, please. I need to plan the next 2 years of the oak sapling I started in 2019 from a by-post nursery tree. The progression is shown below. I have been surprised by the growth of the trunk...
  11. J

    Air root oak tree? Am i crazy?

    I have a number of oaks on my property and this particular oak was bent in half during an early season winter snow storm. It is quite a large tree and at the bend, it is probably 4 or 5 inches. It looks like it is healing at the bend and this is a pretty unusual thing to find. Would this...
  12. C

    Newly collected Oak

    Good Evening! I just wanted to share this new Oak! I got this from a family members property that has three different oak species, as well as other trees. This oak was carefully dug out of the ground and placed into a fairly large training box. I really like the way the trunk bends on it. the...
  13. cornfed

    White Oak: Cornfed Edition

    Here's my White Oak, or Quercus Alba, potted on 4/24/2021. It was from a nursery where it was grown from seed in a 80% pine-bark mixture. My goal for this tree is to thicken the trunk and develop the roots by repotting it in a larger, 5-gallon Rootmaker container with a more air-retentive...
  14. K

    I Collected an Interior Live Oak...

    Hi, I've been the arboricultural world for a few years now and I am studying to take my ISA certification. I figured I probably should try to keep a tree or two alive before doing so. So I bought a juniper, an azalea, and dug up this little live oak. When I collected the live oak it was buried...
  15. Perrywinkle

    Oak not breaking dormancy?

    Hello everyone. I have a Georgia Oak (Quercus georgiana) bonsai that has yet to break winter dormancy and Spring is in full swing. Just about every other tree has flushed out new leaves, yet my oak is still completely lifeless and I am afraid that it might have somehow died during winter. I live...
  16. Scott B

    Dawn Redwood and Oak seedlings in trouble

    Hey all! I hope this is the right forum for this thread, if I need to post to a different one no worries. Looking for advice on how to keep my last three year-old Dawn Redwood seedlings alive. I’m unsure if the browning and shedding of leaves is from dehydration, lack of fertiliser or lack of...
  17. shakotan710

    Oak #1

    This unknown oak was purchased in October of 2017 at Maruyama in Sacramento, CA for $30. It was stashed in a corner, very root-bound, and little to no foliage besides what was on the apex. I brought it home and repotted in early March 2018.
  18. M

    Could I get some direction on a laurel oak?

    I’ve just acquired this, but I can’t find much information on how I can over winter this in my temperature zone(4b). I’m not quite sure how to go about starting to style it either. I have a couple of ideas, but I would greatly appreciate any help!
  19. Bricker918

    Quercus Durata (Leather oak) mame

    Picked up this cool little leather oak a few weeks back from Maruyama's in Sacramento, figure I'd start a progression thread. anybody have any clue on the potter? love the detail. Lastly there appears to be a ramification issue if anyone would be so kinda as to lend some advice... The...
  20. Fishtank307

    Dwarf pin oak

    This is an interesting landscaping tree I picked up last year. It's a dwarf pin oak or Quercus palustris 'Isabelle'. When I bought it, it was around 1.7m high, with a fairly wide canopy. A couple of weeks ago, I cut it back, hoping to get it to backbud on older wood, which it did. The plan is to...
  21. Big Country Bonsai

    Escarpment live oak #2 (Quercus fusiformis)

    I’ve read that oaks tend to shoot it long tap roots with very few lateral roots near the base. Luckily for me the Buckley oaks, Blackjack oaks and the two live oaks I have collected have had quite a bit of feeder roots. This one has lots of potential. It’ll take years to get it into a bonsai...
  22. Big Country Bonsai

    My first collected Quercus fusiformis (escarpment live oak)

    Hey guys. Just wanted to document my first attempt at collecting escarpment live oak. Collection site is southwest of Abilene Texas. The tree was growing in old growth oak and juniper forest. Quercus buckleyi is the predominant oak but there are a few live oak in the area. I think it shows nice...
  23. I

    Deciduous vs evergreen oaks from seed

    I’ve imported some acorns because oaks aren’t native here and seems like they don’t appeal much to Chinese culture either. I’m experimenting with 2 very different oaks that I’ve come across. On the right I’m guessing it’s some sort of English or European oak from a tree in Milan (it was...
  24. G

    Can I prune back this oak while there are still leaves on it

    Hello, I am wondering if I can prune back this oak while there are still leaves remaining on it this time of year in the uk and also to where you would recommend pruning back to thanks
  25. G

    Oak suggestions

    Hi all! I have come across a small oak tree that has grown in a unusual shape and was wanting some ideas on what to do with it? I believe it looks interesting with the trunk bending how it’s grown. I would like it shorter to start with so how far can I take it back with the tree still being...
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