1. rollwithak

    Olea - Olive - Advice/Guidance

    Hey All. Local bonsai club tipped us off to some nice 2 inch Olives at a local nursery. After going through the stock in 103 degree temps, this is the shrub I went with. That being said, I know this isn’t a perfect specimen and many of you would pass or not waste your time. Looking for some...
  2. ConorDash

    Olive stump

    Hello, I'd like to introduce you to the his fella. I have some thoughts about the future for him, and few little questions but I thought I would just stick him on here first then see what people think. He was repotted less than a month ago, had some wiring done to him, most has now been...
  3. olive_forest


    Olive forest featured in many local bonsai books. From the SABA convention.
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