1. Olive


  2. ConorDash

    Olive pale leaves

    Hello, Over winter my olive developed quite pale leaves, see pic. I think these leaves must have been present from last year but over winter it’s just slowly discoloured.. it’s currently getting good sun but as it’s an olive it won’t start actively growing till we are in to summer.. Is this...
  3. akhater

    [201x - ] Olive 1

    This is the oldest tree I still have alive. I've had it for the last 4 or 5 years & it is starting to put on "bark" but I never felt it has the "vigor" That should characterize olives not sure why It was repoted this year (3 few weeks ago) Tree today I love the tree and feel it has...
  4. Sn0W

    Nursery Olea Europaea

    I picked up this Olive from a local nursery, has a pretty cool twin trunk thinking I'll plant it out to thicken it up a bit over a couple of years then I should have a really nice tree.
  5. Ryan H

    Collected Olives

    Hey nuts, I got an email about a soon to be bulldozed olive tree nearby and had to go for it. Total cost of the Day was $32 spent on an ax and I’m pretty happy with what I was able to collect. Some pictures below more the olive album I posted. If all goes well, I will have 5 new olives to...
  6. Ryan H

    New olives

    Hey bn, Thought I'd share these new olive treees I bought at the last local bonsai group auction. Should be fun this coming fall and spring. There are three different trees in the pictures
  7. RileyJFDB13

    Sumo Olive

    Bought an olive for 15$ And ended it ended up being two seperate trees and this is one of them. Because of all of the branches in one area it created a natural swelling but it makes a nice sumo style olvie. I plan on makeing a dead wood feature out of the long portion for interest but...
  8. ConorDash

    Olive stump

    Hello, I'd like to introduce you to the his fella. I have some thoughts about the future for him, and few little questions but I thought I would just stick him on here first then see what people think. He was repotted less than a month ago, had some wiring done to him, most has now been...
  9. ConorDash

    Collection of New Trees

    Hello, I just wanted to dump in a load of pics of a few lovely trees that I picked up from BobbyLane. Thanks again to him :). There's a link to the whole album with multiple of each tree, but I will just post 1 pic of each on here, as to not take up too much space. These were all re-potted...
  10. backroadstraveler

    Shohin/Mame Small Leaf Olive For Sale

    I have listed this really nice and very healthy tree on ebay as an auction. Starting bid $250, with free USPS Priority Mail shipping. Just seeing if anyone here is interested. Check it out...
  11. Grant Hamby

    Shohin Olive

    Just wanted to start a thread to track this little guy's progress. This is my first olive. I got it today. I put a little wire on it and slipped it into a pond basket with zero root disturbance. I already like the basic size and structure of the tree, I'd just like to refine it. (I know my...
  12. Mr. Green

    Indoor Bonsai for Beginners

    Hi guys, Since I am completely new to this forum, I will give a quick intro: I am 23, German/French/Italian, studying in the Netherlands. I have always had a love for growing things, especially in early high school. After a few months of not being active on that side, my passion for plants has...
  13. boguz

    Olive tree

    Hi all Here is my little olive tree. It has all the right branches that i want. I will repot and put some good soil in early spring.
  14. ColinFraser

    Chopped and ReChopped Olive

    I just potted up a little olive I bought from a landscape nursery, probably in late 2014, and I thought I'd share its evolution thus far - it's certainly been instructive for me. It was several feet tall, and I cut off all the long stuff so it could stand up in the car. One of the reasons I...
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