1. Carapace

    Any opinions on zeolite?

    I have been using a mix of about 40% zeolite, 30% lava rock, 10% pumice, 5% perlite and 15% pine bark (it's a mess I know) for the last 1 year and it's been going pretty well, except for a few deaths which I think happened because of overwatering and sometimes forgeting to water a tree. I am...
  2. Trigobontree

    I think I’m Bonsaing wrong, but it feels so “right”

    Hello everyone! I know that one of the biggest beginner mistakes is over styling trees. So I haven’t styled too much yet, but from what I have done, I don’t think I’m doing it the “correct” way. But I’m ok with that. I’m trying to follow the rules, but for the most part I’m just trimming and...
  3. JuniperSol

    Grewia Occidentallis - Wiring Help

    This will be my first time wiring my bonsai. I have read about the correct materials to use, but I am unsure where to start wiring and clean up my little tree. I would like to note I am also planning to repot on the same day as this is a hardy plant. Any advice would be awesome and I am planning...
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