1. M

    English Hawthorn / Common Hawthorn

    Hey new to bonsai so bear with me. I live in northwest Oregon and have English Hawthorn growing in my cow pastures. Some of them have been trampled over the years keeping them low and giving them good movement in the trunks. I found this one the other day and have a couple questions. I know...
  2. Bob824

    Acer palmatum in Beaverton

    Hi, New to the forum, and recently got back into bonsai after a brief stint in the early 2000s. Never really out of the beginner stage, so please be kind. Picked up this Acer palmatum in the middle of a nursery field of what seemed like leftover plants. Not sure what exact variety (or...
  3. mwar15

    Lava Cinder Trip: Oregon

    I am planning on going up to the lava cinder pit on Hwy 20/22 next week May 8th or 9th. I will go up early and pick up the permit and then head to the pit. I can dig 2 cubic yards on 1 permit. I don't need that much. If someone else wants to meet me up there they can dig on my permit. The...
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