1. Bob824

    Acer palmatum in Beaverton

    Hi, New to the forum, and recently got back into bonsai after a brief stint in the early 2000s. Never really out of the beginner stage, so please be kind. Picked up this Acer palmatum in the middle of a nursery field of what seemed like leftover plants. Not sure what exact variety (or...
  2. mwar15

    Lava Cinder Trip: Oregon

    I am planning on going up to the lava cinder pit on Hwy 20/22 next week May 8th or 9th. I will go up early and pick up the permit and then head to the pit. I can dig 2 cubic yards on 1 permit. I don't need that much. If someone else wants to meet me up there they can dig on my permit. The...
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