organic fertilizer

  1. Rivian

    Please advise on organic fert

    I am not good at ferts, its 50% using what I happen to have and 50% forgetting to do it at all. I used Saidung organic fert pellets for a bit but ran out. I like the pellet form but I suppose its not that important. I am looking for a good solid organic fert with ok price I want to sort of...
  2. Rivian

    Hungry Hungry Hyphae!

    Whats eating my fert? Im not complaining, quite the opposite Its organic, plant based fertilizer in pellet form. 'Saidung plus'. Applied less than a week ago This pot houses an azalea but azalea roots are around 1/10th of a millimeter in diameter and these are like a 1/100th, I would guess...
  3. janaiya

    I just saw this on my BRT - fungus, mildew? What I need to do?

    I just saw those white grey spots on a few branches and than found a few new leaves on the top part of the tree with white stains . Any ideas? Should I cut those leaves off? What should I do? Please help ! I am going from one scare to another.
  4. RobertB

    Decomposing Tea Bags / Good Tea Bags - Organics

    I first switched to organics in late spring. The first bags I made were out of coffee bags (sort of a pouch I folder over and stapled). Once applied I noticed small holes being torn into them within about 3 weeks or so and basically the hole bag had decomposed by two months with the organic...
  5. drew33998

    Soil structures and fertilizer

    A really good presentation by a renowned soil biologist. Really makes a lot of sense to use organic fertilizers. There’s a good part that starts at 12:00 talking about how do plants uptake nutrients. Also she states that 80percent of inorganic is fertilizers will pass right through the soil...
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