organic fertilizer

  1. janaiya

    I just saw this on my BRT - fungus, mildew? What I need to do?

    I just saw those white grey spots on a few branches and than found a few new leaves on the top part of the tree with white stains . Any ideas? Should I cut those leaves off? What should I do? Please help ! I am going from one scare to another.
  2. RobertB

    Decomposing Tea Bags / Good Tea Bags - Organics

    I first switched to organics in late spring. The first bags I made were out of coffee bags (sort of a pouch I folder over and stapled). Once applied I noticed small holes being torn into them within about 3 weeks or so and basically the hole bag had decomposed by two months with the organic...
  3. drew33998

    Soil structures and fertilizer

    A really good presentation by a renowned soil biologist. Really makes a lot of sense to use organic fertilizers. There’s a good part that starts at 12:00 talking about how do plants uptake nutrients. Also she states that 80percent of inorganic is fertilizers will pass right through the soil...
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