over wintering

  1. Bigggtuna

    What’s on my JBP?

    These tiny white egg looking specks appeared on my JBP only after placing it in the cold frame for winter a couple weeks ago. Most of the search results I’m getting are for wooly adelgids and white long scale, both of which would appear on or near the needles right? These only appear on the...
  2. X

    Winter care Maple

    Hi bonsai friends! I started this year with bonsai and I have yet to conqueror a winter with my trees so I would like some advice. As it should say in my profile I'm from Sweden living in Zone 5a, so pretty rough winters here. I have a few indoor trees like some ficus benjamina and a Chinese...
  3. KlineCitchie

    Chinese Elm, Climate Shock Concerns

    Hello All, I have some concerns with a Chinese elm i recently acquired. Let me start by saying I’m in Zone 6 near the St. Louis area and the tree came from near Jacksonville Florida. My concern is that I won’t be able to give the tree enough time to acclimate before winter. Being that it’s never...
  4. matthughes404

    North Georgia winter protection

    This is the first winter I that I've got a few trees in display pots instead of larger training pots, and I want to make sure I prepare for the cold weather. I'm in zone 7a around Atlanta, which has relatively mild winters. From what I've read on Evergreen Garden Works and Bonsai4Me, I...
  5. N

    Over-wintering Young Dawn Redwood

    I have a pot of 5 very young dawn redwoods (I only planted the seeds this past spring). Up until now, I've just kept them in front of an east facing window (the only window in my condo that actually gets light due to all the trees around). Now that it's mid-November, I'm trying to figure out...
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