1. Juniper penjing

    Juniper penjing

    Been working on this juniper penjing about 3 years. 16 inches tall. Plan to create a forest with more like it.
  2. Adamski77


    Hi Everybody... trying to reach out and see how many other people on this forum are in Shanghai (or nearby in China) and there is currently no functionality other than opening new thread with the question. I don't expect too many but always good to try. I moved recently from South Korea to...
  3. vancehanna

    penjing /pensai and Tokoname pots for sale

    Hi all! I've got some penjing (lava rock and the 'other' type not sure of the correct name) pottery and such that I acquired from Mr. Wu's collection in Stockton that I'm looking to sell. They as complete pot and rockery are heavy! I suspect unless you're really wanting to ship, best pick up...
  4. Dorian Fourie

    Making a new Rock Slab for my 5 Hinoki Cypress (Penjing)

    Hi All. In February 2019, I was invited to my bonsai club to do a demo and I had decided to make a rock slab for my Serissa. Due to the overwhelming response to that demo, I was asked to do another one at our quarterly...
  5. sorce

    A Box of Naturalistic Penjing 4 G52.

    There is a Path. I go forward. A path. !. A path. I go under. There is a path. It oughtta be fun! Sorce
  6. Maloghurst

    Pacific Northwest bonsai museum

    I made a really quick stop at the PNW bonsai museum last week and snapped a few pics. Thought I would share them! I exactly ten minutes to see the exhibit so I might be wrong on some Tree names. Hornbeam? Not sure on this one. Japanese maple Japanese Yew Name this one? Flowering of some...
  7. Kingsville boxwood on Rock

    Kingsville boxwood on Rock

    Feather rock hollowed, kingsville boxwood pruned for this rock, pot from bonsaimonk.
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