1. Bigggtuna

    What’s on my JBP?

    These tiny white egg looking specks appeared on my JBP only after placing it in the cold frame for winter a couple weeks ago. Most of the search results I’m getting are for wooly adelgids and white long scale, both of which would appear on or near the needles right? These only appear on the...
  2. W

    Fungus or something else?

    Hello, just today when I went to look on my Chinese elm I noticed that the surface of the new leaves had become spotty. The tree has just started shooting quite aggressively about 1/2 weeks ago, as I had failed to care for it properly throughout the winter. Could anyone tell me what is going on...
  3. Bailey

    Webbing on Itoigawa Juniper

    Before I cut all the affected portions off and burn them. (Yes, I'm unyeilding). Does anyone know what these spiders or bugs are? I saw them starting a week or so ago and at first my brain thought about those bad caterpillars, but I suddenly remembered them and the wind is diabolical today so...
  4. Y

    Little Bug that I can’t identify

    Anyone know what this is? Found them all on a dying juniper in my garden about two weeks ago and sprayed some neem oil. Then two days ago a potted up a Dawn redwood sapling that I just got and when I went out today I saw the same bugs so I snapped a pic real quick. Are they pests or are they...
  5. FreshAirSunshine

    Azalea lacebug - preferred treatment

    My new azalea golden lights has gotten some of the tar specked leaves and white/clear with brown small bugs that I believe I’ve identified properly. Sprayed with insecticidal soap labeled to treat lacebug but looking to see if I should do more and what others experience dealing with this pest...
  6. F

    Problems with my Green Island (Ficus Microcarpa) - yellowing leaves & pests

    I have a Green Island Bonsai (Ficus Microcarpa) that was gifted to me at the end of November. I am unsure of the age of the bonsai, but its pot measures 9.25” x 6.5” at the top. Here is a picture of it when I first got it: I live in SE Florida and the plant is out on a balcony where it gets...
  7. Apex37

    Deformed Maple Leaves

    I'm thinking this is either fungal or light related. I have a Kentaro san JM which the newer leaves have tighter ridges, more defined lobes, some deformed and only having 3 points. I've treated earlier in the year with Bonide granular fungicide and insecticide. I'm guessing it's about time I...
  8. S

    Portulacaria afra pests

    I’ve got a few portulacaria afra inside under a grow light until it is warm enough to move them back outside. Just noticed a bunch of white things, I think they are bug casings, on the leaves of some of the plants. Was wondering what people thought they might be and the best way to deal with...
  9. Apex37

    White Uniform Dotting on Ficus Leaves

    Hadn't noticed this before, but it's only on one ficus. One of those hardware store ginseng ficus graft trees that I got when I was first starting the hobby. Anyway, the other day I noticed these white uniform dots all along the leaves. Any idea what this might be?
  10. Apex37

    Pest on Crepe Myrtle

    Trying to get an ID on what this might be on a crepe myrtle I have. I don't see them on any other trees, but I'm gonna separate him and probably spray him down with some insecticidal soap and Neem oil unless there's something better you guys recommend.
  11. LeoMame

    ID tiny black insects (a lot) in soil - JRP

    Hello everyone, I noticed lots of tiny insects in my red pine's pot. Curiously there are no flies around, so that might rule out fungus gnat? They move fast but not as fast as the red mites, and they are only in the soil. In a massive number. Sorry for the terrible quality of the photo. Any...
  12. Apex37

    ID on What Might Be Going on Crepe Myrtle?

    Having a pest issue on several trees similar to the picture. This is my first summer and Texas can be difficult with pests I'm told, especially aphids. Any idea what this might be and best course of action to deal with it?
  13. LeftHandLuke

    Sapsucker or Sapsucker Killer?

    This morning while working on a chokeberry that I’ve been training for about a year I noticed the unmistakable signs of [duh-duh-duuuuuuh!!] honeydew on one of the leaves. So I look immediately above that spot and there’s one of those little whitish critters trying to look inconspicuous. Oh no...
  14. Fan Tan Fannie

    Pest on Triden Maple

    Hello, I noticed on my Trident maple bonsai has these small white cotton (marshmellow) like under the leaves. Not sure what they are. Could it be Mealy bugs? They don't seem to move. Please let me know what they are and how to get rid of them. Thank you!
  15. S

    Juniper pest ID

    I have a juniper with slow failing health, seems to be loosing branches over the last year. It keeps getting these little white things. I’ve yet to see any actual insects. Here is an image of the branch and a close up of one. Any thoughts? I’m interested in any organic approaches to...
  16. P

    Japanese Maple Pest ID

    This is a Seiryu japanese maple and im not sure what is on the trunk.
  17. P

    Insects flying around my Carmona / Fukien Tea and Loss of leaves

    Hey guys, I recently noticed that there are some insects flying and sitting on my Carmona. Is this a threat and should I do something about it or it's just a healthy natural thing? Check the attachment please Second thing is that in recent 40 days when it got colder, some of the leaves started...
  18. P

    Mystery pest ID

    For the past three days now I have noticed these pellet that look like droppings from an animal but I cant figure out what or if its animal poop at all. the leave above where i find the droppings is almost completely eaten. The plant is a common fig.
  19. chumpplays

    Strange Insect on my Juniper Leaves

    Hello everyone! I just bought my second procumbent nana the other day and upon getting it home I noticed a few of these beetle like creatures crawling around the foliage. I counted about four of them. they don't seem to run or even hide and can be easily picked off. any idea what these are and...
  20. Yugen

    Pest identification?

    Does anyone recognize these worms? When I water my hemlock several of these small white worms wither out. The trees previous owner had some sort of root eating grubs and he applied nematodes. Are these beneficial nematodes?
  21. Grovic

    Snails in collected moss, should I get rid of it?

    So, last Sunday I went for a walk and in my way back home I collected some moss, I placed it in a pie container that I re-purposed as a mini greenhouse. Today, when I opened the container in order to mist, I saw four very small snails (those are the ones I could find, but I bet there's more), I...
  22. Clicio

    Zombie scales

    One of my trees had a bad case of scale infestation this season. I have treated it with insecticide in the summer and with Neem Oil in the autumn. The tree is healthy now, lots of new buds, but the branches are still full of them, dead I suppose; when scratching they fall and look dry, but are...
  23. B

    New To Bonsai UK

    So i recently purchased a Sweet Plumb , and upon moving from my house back to university i've noticed that my leaves have started wilting and a few have small holes in them , ive had a look around the tree for any critters and cant seem to find any but have some small white spots on the leaves...
  24. B

    What are these bonsai pests & how to get rid of them?

    Hi there! I have already some experience with bonsai trees and been growing mine pretty successfully, however today I decided to increase my tiny collection and I have purchased 3 new trees. The place I live at has pretty terrible selection of bonsai trees (I live abroad now) and it seems that...
  25. Clicio

    Tropical summer and pests=hell

    So far this growing season we had: Fungus gnats, aphids, red spider mites, scales, white fly, some unknown/undetermined pests on our plants. Healthy trees, plenty of air circulation, draining soils, morning sun. How do you deal with that? Every morning a new surprise! I don't want to spend all...
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