picea abies

  1. Julio-Rufo

    Picea abies

    Hi all, I recently purchased this spruce - Picea abies, as raw material. It is a yamadori from the Voralpen in Switzerland, around 50 years old. This is the before: And here it is how it looks after the first styling, structural wiring and branch positioning. The bigger bendings where...
  2. Syltis

    Advice going forward with a new Picea Abies (Norway Spruce)

    Hi! I am fairly new to bonsai and to this forum. I am loving the hobby though, so I'm mostly working on getting more trees to put my hands on. I recently went looking through nurseries for Norway Spruce (Picea Abies) and this was the only one I found. I wanted a more developed tree I could...
  3. GreatLakesBrad

    Picea Abies - Nursery Stock styling and (lack of)skill-building

    Have been on another Ryan Neil kick lately (goes in cycles during the last two winters when time is had to view 1.5 hour vids). Notably, the Fraser Fir nursery stock styling session. Despite acknowledging this not being the best time of the year to work this species (gathered from Bnut this...
  4. Orion_metalhead

    Picea Abies (Norway Spruce) #1

    End of year on this tree. Only 1yr old. Age: 1yr Training: 1yr Width: .17" Height: 6" Front: From left: Back: From right:
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