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  1. Carapace

    Is pinus nigra a good replacement for JBP?

    Hi, I have a austrian black pine and I was looking at some JBP and thought to myself, these two tree's look very similar and I thought that maybe people prefer JBP for some other reasons, like growth rate or resistance to some kind of disease or maybe just a cultural thing, cuz you know, bonsai...
  2. N

    Japanese white pine seeds

    Hello everyone, I recently ccollected some jwp seed from my local nursery. The pine was a named cultivar and my question is what can I expect from the seed? Will they resemble the cultivar be sterile or best case scenario revert to a regular jwp as that is what I would prefer? Thank you
  3. C

    Pinus Attenuata styling decision

    I bought this knobcone pine because it had the most lower branching of any pine at the nursery, but it does cascade to one side. I've always wanted a pine bonsai so I didn't pass up the opportunity. However, I'm now stuck between choosing a style of cascade/whip or trunk chopping it into an...
  4. Apex37

    Nursery Mugo #1

    Got this mugo pine back last year around summer time at Lowe's. Earlier this year I was really considering if I even wanted to spend my time trying to bonsai this guy, but figured what the hell, gives me a chance to have more experience with pines. Did my first repot with it today. Mostly went...
  5. Apex37

    Pine Pruning Plan

    I recently acquired this pine and I'm trying to figure out best plan here for long term styling. I have ideas, but my ideas and what might be best could be two different things. So to start, my long term goal would be to increase the trunk size to at least 3". It's about 2" right now. I'm...
  6. Apex37

    Help ID This Pine

    Can anyone help in IDing this pine? I appreciate any help! :)
  7. D

    Stone pine age/advice

    Hey guys! I’m sure this is a Stone pine ? I am From South Africa. And was wondering anyone know age of the tree? Hasn’t got crazy bark . Not sure why but it seems like it’s quite old due to branches etc.? Thanks
  8. DaveJ

    Started work on my raw Mugo, how did I do?

    I bought this mugo pine a couple of months back, and started work on it yesterday. Cleaned out the needles, trimmed the candles and uncovered some of the trunk, but as I was slip potting into a pond basket I only teased out the roots slightly. I also potted it in a more upright position. I’ve...
  9. cmsheehan

    Newly collected Yamadori Pine

    Hello everyone! Thanks so much for accepting me to the team... I mean group;) So I recently collected this beautiful pine from Massachusetts, right near the ocean. I believe it’s either a Scott’s Pine or Pitch Pine, possibly a Japanese Black Pine. I successfully transferred her into a new pot...
  10. Dartfrog

    Young JBP with too much foliage?

    Hi guys, I'm glad to join the community. I've got a JBP that I bought from a nursery, they say it's 4 years old but i doubt it as it's not that big, and I'm a little bit confused because all the posts I see about JBP development show material with less foliage, so my doubt is: should I clear the...
  11. G

    Trimming a young Pine?

    Hey Guys, i got a question about cutting back young Pines.. I am planing to grow a pine bonsai from seed and want it to have multiple trunks. My idea was cutting it back by like Half or 2/3 in the autum, so that it would cast out new candles close to the ground the following spring. The...
  12. Rivian

    Beuvronensis pine worth it?

    Is Pinus sylvestris Beuvronensis better for bonsai than the usual scotts pine? Are the needles shorter? Are they grafted or grown from seed?
  13. H

    Help with Podocarpus bonsai

    I inherited this tree from a friend, It was in poor shape as her cat was eating it. I was able to get new growth and keep it green, but now I seem to be loosing a whole section of it. It was fine last week and it’s still green, just dry and shriveled. Could anyone tell me what might be happening...
  14. Ali Raza

    Structural Pruning of Pine

    Hello everyone. I am back again. Need some help on pine. The pine is pinus roxburghii collected from wild in march 2019 and was potted in pumice, crushed bricks and gravel mixture. You can see the leggy branches growing out of control as pine was left to recover from transplant shock. Spring...
  15. Ali Raza

    Is anyone using pine bark in their bonsai soil ?

    Hello to everyone. I manage to get somehow pine barks from mountain area through one of my friend. It was delivered yesterday. What can be possible utilization of pine barks in bonsai ? Your valuable comments will be appreciated.
  16. headive24

    local pine species not often used- Pinus Sabiniana

    So this is one of the first yamadori i have ever collected. I wasn't planning on collecting one of these Foothill/ghost/grey/digger/etc Pines; but this one caught my eye for whatever reason. It has still never been wired or anything; because it was only collected about 5 months ago. I am...
  17. M

    Merging my Buddhist Pine with a Buddha ruin :)

    Hi guys, I'm new here, hello! Someone sent me an this beautiful ancient Buddha head ruin with a message “I know you’re a bonsai hobbyist, can you add this to your next bonsai?” Challenge accepted! ?? First step was to cut parts of the base of the ornament to make room for the roots and and...
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