pine design

  1. C

    Pinus Attenuata styling decision

    I bought this knobcone pine because it had the most lower branching of any pine at the nursery, but it does cascade to one side. I've always wanted a pine bonsai so I didn't pass up the opportunity. However, I'm now stuck between choosing a style of cascade/whip or trunk chopping it into an...
  2. J

    Designhelp with onesided Scots

    This was one of the pines I collected last year. It's in pretty good shape and has put up a lot of growth this year, but I'm struggeling on where to take it design wise. As you see on the pictues the front is very bare, and I feel it is very one sided, and i dont like the parallell branches...
  3. DaveJ

    Started work on my raw Mugo, how did I do?

    I bought this mugo pine a couple of months back, and started work on it yesterday. Cleaned out the needles, trimmed the candles and uncovered some of the trunk, but as I was slip potting into a pond basket I only teased out the roots slightly. I also potted it in a more upright position. I’ve...
  4. electronfusion

    What can I do with this high graft pine?

    I bought this young pinus parviflora 'fukai' (dwarf variegated variety) from an online nursery and was surprised to see such a high, pronounced graft, and with the only foliage so high above the graft. I have airlayered many deciduous trees with success, but never grafted. I've read lots of...
  5. Deep Sea Diver

    Lonely Zundert Mugo - Thoughts on design and a couple questions.

    Last Christmas I spotted a lonely Mugo Pine in the 1/2 price nursery section of the locally owned hardware store. It was almost nightfall, but I thought there might be some possibilities in this tree. I knew something was up when the gardener thanked me for buying the tree. It seems it had...
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