pine id

  1. Frogwithatree

    What species of pine are these?

    This May I got gifted a bunch of unlabeled pine seeds and I decided to germinate a couple of. After some growing, I'm still not sure what kind of pine they are, or even if they're the same species. Any idea?
  2. Apex37

    Help ID This Pine

    Can anyone help in IDing this pine? I appreciate any help! :)
  3. Rivian

    Unknown (to me) blue pine

    At least I think its a pine. Overall pine shape, 70cm high, new wood/shoots dirty white transitioning to brown bark as it ages, mostly singular 3cm long needles but some growing in pairs which are a bit thicker and maybe 10cm long. Overall light blue color. If I google blue pine i just get...
  4. walawelo

    Help ID sapling

    Please help ID, was brought to me from Hungary
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