pine needles

  1. rollwithak

    911 - Shore Pine browning, help please!!!

    Hi All, I fear it may be too late for this one but I figured I’d turn to the wisdom of the Nutters. This Shore Pine has slowly been showing signs of browning since mid summer. I initially thought it was just normal shedding of needles but as you can see, it’s grown considerably worse. I’m not...
  2. BarkLeafTrees

    JWP Discolouring Needles

    Hi everyone! Im not sure if this is normal for white pines it’s got a blue ting to the needles so I’m assuming it must be grafted but they seem to be losing colour. Any tips would be great as I don’t want it getting any worse! Thanks Ben
  3. walawelo

    mulching with pine needles

    I'm wondering if anyone here tried mulching pine bonsai in training with pine needles. I know many growers of succulents and cacti usually use pine needles as a mulch to increase acidity of the growing medium. Mature trees sure seem to enjoy sitting in it. Has anyone tried using them in bonsai...
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