1. kevinlovett86

    Mail order mishap / free tree

    So while I was looking for the right tree to plant in my coconut a couple of weeks ago, I must’ve clicked the wrong buttons because I can’t read Chinese properly. This is what I ordered... And that’s what arrived. It’s small, twisty and has got great potential. Today the security guards told...
  2. K5ATG

    Loblolly Pine Pinus taeda

    I have been told that there is not much information out there for using loblolly pine as bonsai trees. So this is my effort to expand the knowledge base for these trees. So here I will showcase my many mistakes in growing one of these trees as a bonsai. The Loblolly Tree is the fastest...
  3. K5ATG

    Pine training

    I'm growing some Loblolly Pines and starting today Japaneses Black Pines. Is there a certain age that is ideal to start wiring and training? I think I read somewhere that 4 years is about right. I know I have some time to go yet as my oldest pine tree is almost 4 months old.
  4. FilipMerynos

    Ponderosa pine, two options

    Hello guys, and HELLO because it's my first post here :) I'd like to ask you about the way I should go with my 18yo Ponderosa. I bought it for around 47 dollars and previous didn't mean to make bonsai out of it. Anyway, I have a dilemma with branch marked as "A" on the photos. I think there are...
  5. K5ATG

    Loblolly Pine

    Hello everyone, new to the forums here but so far it looks like the place to be. I'm really just getting started in bonsai. I have always been interested but I have never really jumped in as I was busy gardening and landscaping. Then I developed a pretty nasty health issue and I was forced to...
  6. Crizzi Questions

    Should I dig it up and pot it?

    So I have this pine in my yard. It’s on the side of my house and I will be moving before next winter. Now that I’m into bonsai and looking to acquire trees I’m dying to try to dig this up! While I’m new to bonsai I see potential here. Questions.... What kind of pine is this? How wide should...
  7. C

    Transitional soil?

    Hi all, I have a question that I cant seem to find an answer to online or in my books. I live in zone 6b and I am just getting into conifers. I currently have a small white pine and a cypress. Im not trying to bind them yet or anything. I just want them to be happy and healthy for a year or...
  8. Clicio

    Akamatsu - JRP apex prune or wire?

    I have this healthy Japanese Red Pine cascade, but I don't quite like the way the apex outgrew the botton. Asked some people around, and some say I should chop it to the lowest pair of candles, but.. others say I should not lose all this growth and wire the apex branch (bend the hell out of it)...
  9. W

    Article A quick look in the rhizosphere of pines V1. Final

    I cut some pine roots off of live plants and put them in Petri's with sources of food for fungi and bacteria. I wanted to visualize what happens after transplanting and how the rhizobial community (root-area community) restores itself in different pines and different stages of growth. The...
  10. BeebsBonsai

    White needles on entire jbp

    Hey all, Its been a while since ive posted. Been busy with work and buying a new home. We have been having an ungodly spring here in chicago. Its more like winter 2 Anyway, i brought my jbp outside about two weeks ago, and the needles seemed a bit pale, but nothing too bad considering...
  11. Dragonmaster

    What to do next with this pine tree?

    I found this pine tree growing in my parent's yard by a shed 5 years ago. I let it grow a couple years where it was and then put it in a gallon plastic pot. I only watered it once, left it in the same spot, and then forgot about it. Occasionally when I went there I would notice that it was still...
  12. Forest Bean

    Collected pine seedlings

    Hello nuts, I collected these three pine seedlings while I was out. I got them in the state of Maryland. They have 4-5 needles in each fascicle. The only 5-needle pine I know that is native to my area is Pinus strobus the Eastern white pine. Here is a photo of a Pinus strobus seedling I...
  13. P

    Pinus Mugo Tyrolean

    Hello everyone, I am new to bonsai and purchased my first tree earlier this month, the tree I purchased is a mugo. I grew up caring for plants and gardening, however this is my first attempt at growing a tree. I've always admired the artistic side of bonsai, allowing for the mixture of nature...
  14. Cerauno

    Alpine species: Indoor or Outdoor?

    I live in Montana, USA, in the Northern Rocky Mountains. I've been attempting to grow three seedlings which I took out of the "wild" (if you can call around my neighborhood wild), all of which are native subalpine/alpine trees. I have two Rocky Mountain Maple babies, and a tiny Douglas fir. I...
  15. K

    When to air layer?

    So I have some large pines in my tree as well as what I think is a maple which is right up against the house so it will definitely have to be taken out at some point but I was wondering when should I try to air layer it? I’ve never done it before but figured it would be a good time to try...
  16. Clicio

    JBP trunk chop best timing?

    Well, I have this young JBP I have successfully reppoted early spring, AND decandled two weeks ago (it's summer in Brazil now). It is growing strongly fertilized with BioGold, new shoots everywhere, but.... Its destiny is to be chopped low down the main trunk and letting a strong first branch...
  17. S

    New to the game and I have a few questions.. please help =)

    How is everybody doing! I just recently got my hands on some plants and i'm trying to make them bonsai. the first one is a pine tree, that's about 5 ft tall. What are the best steps if I can do it?
  18. Samuel Ross

    Samuel Ross's Black Pine Contest Thread

    I have ordered a quarter pound from FW Schumacher and 500 seeds from I will post pictures when they arrive.
  19. markyscott

    Shohin black pine from seed

    Here’s a 10 year old seedling cutting I purchased from the grower about a year ago: It has a very nice twist near the base and I was motivated to build a shohin black pine from this tree. Issue is that the branches aren’t low enough to pull off a shohin. It’ll need a key branch at the...
  20. R

    Japanese Black Pine seeds stratification

    Hello everyone I bought last week some Pinus Thunbergii (Japanese black pine) seeds. On the instructions says that I have to do a cold stratification of 2 months and plant them in spring. I assume it is a little bit too early to begin with the stratification now.... so what should I do with the...
  21. S

    What is this problem with my Mugo Pine?

    I got this mugo pine in early summer and haven’t really touched it except for raising its level in the pot. I have noticed that some of it’s needles turn brown at the ends. I am guessing it is a fungus so I will start spraying with fungicides in spring along with my Japanese Black Pine, but does...
  22. S

    Do systemic fungicides harm black pine mycorrhizae?

    I was planning to treat one of my Japanese black pines with bonide infuse, (a systemic fungicide) to treat needle cast. I was also planning on using daconil and copper fungicide to treat it. I do not know if I should treat with bonide infuse, since it could harm mycorrhizae. Does anyone use...
  23. Hartinez

    HD Pinus Nigra

    Hi there. Im on Bonsai Nut often, but rarely do I pose questions and/or chime in on threads and discussions. Ive decided that needs to change. Im going into my 6th year as an enthusiast and have a nice collection of trees in all stages of design. Nothing Id call a masterpiece just yet, but...
  24. Gdy2000

    JWP Project

    I visited the San Diego Bonsai exhibit last month. Good show, I’ll try to post some pix. But in their sales area they had this white pine for sale. It was under $100. They were looking to sell it to someone outside of SD b/c it was in decline. The gal said she had bought it a couple of years ago...
  25. Josh Barg

    JWP input

    I bought this white pine a month or so ago from Vance Wood at our club show. Since then I've stared and turned and stared some more. I'm having a hard time trying to decide what direction I want to go with the tree. This is also my first pine, so I guess I may be just a bit scared to mess with...