1. pandacular

    panda’s Pinus parviflora ‘Aoi’

    I bought this white pine from my local nursery during their fall tree sale. I find the foliage of ‘Aoi’ stunning, and the growth habit looks compelling for an upright or slanting pine. Its also one of the cultivars listed in the Bonsai Today book, so somebody’s using them for bonsai. When I...
  2. D

    Bonsai in fridge

    Hi! I decided to pick up 2 JWP but then realized they need a winter dormancy to survive long term. I live in a tropical area so there’s no winter, lowest it gets is 65F (18C). I read around and see some use fridge but no “long term” success yet. I’m gonna give it a shot with a mini fridge to...
  3. Carapace

    I've repotted my Scots pine seedling in early october. Is it a problem?

    Hi, I just got a small scots pine seedling and the soil it was in was very mucky and wet, so I bare-rooted it (I know it isn't supposed to be good but I didn't wash the roots so there still is some mycorrhiza on them) and planted it in good free-draining soil without cutting any roots except a...
  4. Carapace

    Easy back-budding on Pinus Nigra

    I did an experiment this year, in late spring I plucked some specific needles from the young (5 years old from seed) trunk of an Austrian Black Pine (pinus nigra). I am not sure if this is anything new (it probably isn't) but in early autumn I looked at the places in which I did the plucking and...
  5. Cherubina

    Pinus parviflora 'Aoi' repotting

    I just bought this, and it had an Iseli tag. The graft had some needles on it that the nurseryman broke off, as they would become too dominant, but I did get to see them. It was a fine, yellowish green looking set of needles. My question is, can I re-pot now? I have everything I need, and I'd...
  6. Frogwithatree

    What species of pine are these?

    This May I got gifted a bunch of unlabeled pine seeds and I decided to germinate a couple of. After some growing, I'm still not sure what kind of pine they are, or even if they're the same species. Any idea?
  7. R

    Top 5 Conifers That Aren’t Junipers

    Every list I see of beginner species includes types of juniper, and although they are great, I’m curious as to what people think of other conifers. In your opinion, what are the top 5 easiest conifer species that aren’t junipers?
  8. Carapace

    Is pinus nigra a good replacement for JBP?

    Hi, I have a austrian black pine and I was looking at some JBP and thought to myself, these two tree's look very similar and I thought that maybe people prefer JBP for some other reasons, like growth rate or resistance to some kind of disease or maybe just a cultural thing, cuz you know, bonsai...
  9. Bejzu

    My first Bonsai. Aleppo Pine, from seed. Guidance going forward

    Hi... First post, first Bonsai. Looking for guidance. These are pictures of my Aleppo pine that is about 6 months old (from seed) I am new to Bonsai so my limited knowledge has all come from books and online resources rather then experience. My instinct is to just let it grow in an...
  10. H

    JBP next steps?

    I recently acquired this 2-needle pine (which I believe is a JBP kotobuki - I could be mistaken. The seller had no idea of the species). It was balled and burlapped and basically left to die and so has essentially been neglected for several months now. Once I acquired it I slip potted it - root...
  11. HandyGringo

    Yellowing needles on Mugo pine

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if I should be using the beginner section or the conifer section. I will probably always consider myself a beginner so I tend to gravitate towards here. Let me know if the thread should be somewhere else, please. Some of the older needles on one of my Mugo pines have...
  12. R

    Pinus mugo "Little Lady"

    I bought about three years ago from nursery stock when my daughter was born, and am hoping to pass this on to her when she gets older if she also develops a taste for bonsai. It probably needs some wiring now to get it into shape, but I'm happy with how the needle reduction and basic trunk...
  13. Ev3

    Japanese Black Pine in Zone 10a (South West FL)

    I am relatively new to bonsai, I have quite a collection of purchased, collected, gifted, and cuttings. I have multiple ongoing projects and would somewhat consider myself intermediate at this point. I am hoping I can get a couple of answers on JBP. I currently live in FL (Lee County) (Zone 10A)...
  14. Apex37

    Growing Pines for Bonsai by Julian Adams

    I currently have Bonsai Today Master’s Series on Pines and was thinking about picking up a copy of Julian Adams book on growing pines. For those who own both, what would you say are the biggest differences? I was hoping to get some material that covered some of native pines, but not sure if...
  15. M

    How To Water JBP

    Hi All, I have some 9 month old Japanese Black Pines and I am always wondering if I am watering them correctly. They are about 9 months old from seed, and they have varying degrees of browning, aside from one. I live in Texas, but it is winter so it is not very hot, and I water them every day...
  16. L

    Spruce in Australia's heat

    I was gifted a kit to grow a Norway Spruce and it came with a little booklet Ive been reading through. Most trees have a dormancy period in winter, this booklet said to keep the tree somewhere just above freezing temp during that time. The problem is, where I live, winters get nowhere near that...
  17. S

    JBP seedlings

    Spring down here so seedlings are growing. I decided it was time to pot on one batch of JBP today. Just letting others know how I do this in case anyone is interested. Tray of seedlings a couple of weeks old Roots I've learned over many years that cutting roots at this stage produces much...
  18. palafr01

    Palafr01's p. Densiflora globosa

    Here with a new tree and ready to document its progress. Purchased it last month and did a light repot before the seasons close. While not the ideal time, I was worried about potential root rot since my area gets significant rain both in early fall and in late winter and I have lost trees...
  19. Tntthunder

    Was given this Mugo Pine 'Mops' for free today. What next?

    Basically got a free Mops today and I am not sure what to do with it. I'm guessing I should develop it to make it thicker and put movement in it, but so far trying to move/bend the base it seems too short/thick to bend. Also not sure to do with all the foliage. I understand why it is called a...
  20. B

    What do I do now?

    What do I do now??? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  21. RhyleeRebecca

    Mugo Pine - back budding?

    Hello all, just got this teenie ugly duckling of a Mugo (Mountain) Pine for $14 but I think it has potential. My question is this: it has a cluster of stubs right at the center where the trunk thins out (see photos), is there an opportunity for those to back bud with this species? Or is it...
  22. LeoMame

    Scots Pine new needles' issue - what could it be

    Hello Bonsai people, a quick question about scots pine needles discoloration. I'm having some (I'd say roughly 10%) new needles -from this year- which shows this discoloration. From the top and a peculiar 'twist' (see photo). I can't rule out anything, but the tree is well fert and watered, I...
  23. clintonio12

    Pinus Strobus Clump (EWP)

    Hello fellow nuts! A couple of weeks ago at the cottage in northern Ontario, I noticed a neighbour had a 5 gallon pail with a white pine growing out of it, and ended up being sent back home with it. It turns out that it wasn’t just one tree, and we suspect it was originally a pine cone buried...
  24. Apex37

    Needle Cast? Overwatering?

    I have this JRP that has been doing well up until about a few weeks ago and the yellowing has gotten worse. It seems mostly on newer needles, but there’s a few older needles here and there that are browning and I’m trying to determine if it’s getting watered too much or if it’s needle cast or...
  25. trigo

    Collected JBP Aftercare - beginner

    So today i just collected a field grown JBP, it was on the field for several years, heavy clay soil, well fed and watered. The rootball came out with a nice size and capilary roots. So my question is about the aftercare, right now it's a bush with lots of foliar mass and buds swelling, some...
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