1. S

    JBP seedlings

    Spring down here so seedlings are growing. I decided it was time to pot on one batch of JBP today. Just letting others know how I do this in case anyone is interested. Tray of seedlings a couple of weeks old Roots I've learned over many years that cutting roots at this stage produces much...
  2. palafr01

    Palafr01's p. Densiflora globosa

    Here with a new tree and ready to document its progress. Purchased it last month and did a light repot before the seasons close. While not the ideal time, I was worried about potential root rot since my area gets significant rain both in early fall and in late winter and I have lost trees...
  3. T

    Was given this Mugo Pine 'Mops' for free today. What next?

    Basically got a free Mops today and I am not sure what to do with it. I'm guessing I should develop it to make it thicker and put movement in it, but so far trying to move/bend the base it seems too short/thick to bend. Also not sure to do with all the foliage. I understand why it is called a...
  4. B

    What do I do now?

    What do I do now??? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. RhyleeRebecca

    Mugo Pine - back budding?

    Hello all, just got this teenie ugly duckling of a Mugo (Mountain) Pine for $14 but I think it has potential. My question is this: it has a cluster of stubs right at the center where the trunk thins out (see photos), is there an opportunity for those to back bud with this species? Or is it...
  6. LeoMame

    Scots Pine new needles' issue - what could it be

    Hello Bonsai people, a quick question about scots pine needles discoloration. I'm having some (I'd say roughly 10%) new needles -from this year- which shows this discoloration. From the top and a peculiar 'twist' (see photo). I can't rule out anything, but the tree is well fert and watered, I...
  7. clintonio12

    Pinus Strobus Clump (EWP)

    Hello fellow nuts! A couple of weeks ago at the cottage in northern Ontario, I noticed a neighbour had a 5 gallon pail with a white pine growing out of it, and ended up being sent back home with it. It turns out that it wasn’t just one tree, and we suspect it was originally a pine cone buried...
  8. Apex37

    Needle Cast? Overwatering?

    I have this JRP that has been doing well up until about a few weeks ago and the yellowing has gotten worse. It seems mostly on newer needles, but there’s a few older needles here and there that are browning and I’m trying to determine if it’s getting watered too much or if it’s needle cast or...
  9. trigo

    Collected JBP Aftercare - beginner

    So today i just collected a field grown JBP, it was on the field for several years, heavy clay soil, well fed and watered. The rootball came out with a nice size and capilary roots. So my question is about the aftercare, right now it's a bush with lots of foliar mass and buds swelling, some...
  10. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo 3

    Here is my discount Mugo from today I tried to do the @Vance Wood way. I went through and gently combed out some roots, I tried to barely touch them/ I did not really do much root pruning. I know you can but I decided not to this time around. I found my front I like and only took off 1 major...
  11. Backwardsvg

    Backwards Mugo 2

    Here is my second mugo. I have a good trunk so far, nice movement, but the typical octopus mugo look. I did an initial prune but think I can take off a bit more. I want to keep it about 1/3 reduction and then next year do a repot in a pond basket with a pumice lava mix. The roots are pretty...
  12. Kane_

    Pine seed stratification

    Hello 👋 I collected some pine seeds when on holiday in Turkey (not sure exactly what kind of pine) I had a quick look online on stratification but found quite a range of answers on stratification times (if required at all for a tree native to warm climate)? Just wondering if any one has any...
  13. Adamski77

    JBP Progression

    My progression thread on Japanese Black Pine... nothing really done since I bought it. Will be doing some work later this year but thought I'll post the pictures ahead... maybe somebody will have some remarks/ideas. 4 pictures... 4 sides of the tree. Currently fed a lot with quite balanced...
  14. Alvaro

    What kind of tree is this?

    I wasn’t sure where to put this post I’ts my first time posting here. I need some help here, a friend gave me this tree that collected and I want to know what kind of tree it is, from what I read and the description I found in this article, it is a Limber pine -“This species of conifer can have...
  15. Apex37

    Nursery JWP?

    Debating on getting this guy, but it may be more work than it's worth. $200 ain't cheap, but I don't see nursery pines like this here. Tree is about 18" from soil level with about a 3" nebari. Decent branch structure. Roots I'm sure are a mess, which may lend itself to not being a good choice...
  16. James W.

    Mugo ROR, rock too small?

    I started this mugo pine root-over-rock in 2018. Sorted out roots in 2020 and washed it off again last weekend to check the roots. I could have waited another year to work it again. This time I am dissatisfied with the way it is going. Mainly, I think the rock is going to be too small for the...
  17. Apex37

    Pine Pruning Plan

    I recently acquired this pine and I'm trying to figure out best plan here for long term styling. I have ideas, but my ideas and what might be best could be two different things. So to start, my long term goal would be to increase the trunk size to at least 3". It's about 2" right now. I'm...
  18. Apex37

    Help ID This Pine

    Can anyone help in IDing this pine? I appreciate any help! :)
  19. LunaticTree

    Collection of various Coniferes

    My English is not to good, but I will try my best! Last year I managed to collect some Austrian Black Pine Seedlings, as you can tell, some of them are a bit bigger and some are super tiny. All of them do pretty good and they all have good healthy roots so far. I am not sure yet where I will...
  20. Shogun610

    Projects Trees at the studio (long term thread)

    Starting a thread based on work I’m doing at Kifu. Will have more to post as other trees are styled , and repotting begins in spring. First tree is a oriental spruce that I’m giving a make over on, too needs to be regrown but basic structure is set. One day it’s going on a slab, tried to capture...
  21. G

    Scot’s pine Jin help

    Hi all, when Is the right time to create jins on new Scot’s pine in training? Thanks just attached a photo of them after being dug up and will post pics of them after wiring and jins
  22. G

    When to create Jin on Scot’s pine England

    Hello all, I am new to working with pines and I have a Scot’s pine I want to create jins on the branches I won’t be using but I’m unsure on what time of year is best and if the tree will bleed out if I were to. I’m in England and it’s currently winter thanks sean
  23. J

    Help! Dying Araucaria / Hoop Pine Bonsai?

    Hello everyone, this is my first time positing here but I really hope you can help shed some light on why my beloved Araucaria is so unhappy at the spots where we pruned it back a few months ago. For context, I have had the tree for 3 years now and I assume it to be around 5-6 years old. When...
  24. A

    Shaping a Nana Juniper

    I have been working with bonsai for about a year and a half, so I am familiar with many of the basic ideas of how to trim and shape trees. However, this last year got away from me with this juniper, these runners kept growing and at first I was going to move this tree into a training pot, but...
  25. M

    Is this tree a Loblolly Pine?

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