1. S

    New to the game and I have a few questions.. please help =)

    How is everybody doing! I just recently got my hands on some plants and i'm trying to make them bonsai. the first one is a pine tree, that's about 5 ft tall. What are the best steps if I can do it?
  2. Rodrigo

    Japanese black pine starting to bud right before winter.

    Hello, My first Japanese black pine got a weekend of more sun than usual after a weekend out of town. I believe it caused to think it was spring again and it's starting to bud out. I don't want to lose all the energy it stored for the spring so is there any way I can stop it from extending...
  3. E

    Hardy pine tree recommended for zone 7?

    Hello all, i'm 23 years old and i'm getting a pretty good collection going. I really want to get started on a pine but i'm not sure what species would work best. i'm looking for the traditional pines you see near the coast, anything but juniper. Recommendations?
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