pinus contorta

  1. PowerTap

    To much pot?

    So I bought this mica training pot from Wigerts for this pinus contorta. Because I bought online and it's a first training pot, I went mostly on dimensions. The tree is 28 in from soil to top. The pot is 16in across and 4in deep. Which should fit the sizing rules of 2/3 the height or width and...
  2. PowerTap

    PTs Taylor's Sunburst

    First time poster, long time reader. I bought this ponderosa pine on father's day and have been hemming and hawing about what to do with it since. My original thought was to try some dramatic bends on it and make it a contorted prostrate semi cascade. Also toyed with literati ideas? Now I...
  3. parhamr

    Pinus contorta var murrayana progression

    I obtained this tree in 2014 and I'm progression from upright to slanted. It is the Cascade Range subspecies of the Lodgepole Pine. I have a trunk notch started with the intent of folding it over on that line. That styling would turn it into a mashed and contorted mountain tree. This will not...
  4. parhamr

    Pinus contorta contorta (Shore pine)

    I've purchased another native North American nursery specimen: a Pinus contorta contorta 'Spaan’s Dwarf' cultivar. I was feeling like taking a bit of a risk with my wallet and tools; it cost $84.99 for a specimen with 2.5" trunk diameter, 24" height, and healthy roots that fill a ~5 gallon...
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