pinus nigra

  1. Carapace

    Is pinus nigra a good replacement for JBP?

    Hi, I have a austrian black pine and I was looking at some JBP and thought to myself, these two tree's look very similar and I thought that maybe people prefer JBP for some other reasons, like growth rate or resistance to some kind of disease or maybe just a cultural thing, cuz you know, bonsai...
  2. A

    Pinus Nigra - Nursery stock - de-candling

    Hi, My 1st post here. I acquired this Austrian Pine in Dec 2022 ($50) and proceeded to possibly make my 1st set of mistakes on it. First mistake I might have made was to remove some/most of the needles from the trunk of the tree. I had remembered someone someplace on youtube mentioning that...
  3. Fonz

    From Seed Division - Fonz's Pinus Nigra Forest

    Starting a batch of Austrian Black Pines from seed this year. Might as well use a few in a little forest. Not much to look at right now :)
  4. Hartinez

    HD Pinus Nigra

    Hi there. Im on Bonsai Nut often, but rarely do I pose questions and/or chime in on threads and discussions. Ive decided that needs to change. Im going into my 6th year as an enthusiast and have a nice collection of trees in all stages of design. Nothing Id call a masterpiece just yet, but...
  5. Quince

    Seed project

    It's been a while since I started anything from seed, and I'm on a bit of a pine kick so I started collecting for next year. So far I have ripe cones from what I believe to be: Bosnian pine, Mugo, a glaucus Scot's pine, and a green Scot's pine. I'm trying to stick with species that are easily...
  6. Mihai

    Nuts, need your expert counsil. Would you buy it?

    Hello Bnuts. I was down a a garden center today and there was this pinus nigra that caught my eye. It has the most dubious trunk base i have ever seen. The problem is that i have no clue if the tree can be reduced enough to be worth it. Also no desgn comes to mind looking at it. Would you spend...
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