1. trigo

    5yr Native Tree Challenge - Trigo's Pitanga (Eugenia Uniflora, Surinam Cherry, Brazil Cherry) - Progress Thread

    Starting late into the challenge, but better late than never right? This is a pitanga yamadori collected on march of 2023, it was left on the ground to recover for 4 months, while on the ground it growed capilary roots closer to the trunk and sprouted some branches bellow the first trunk chop...
  2. Clicio

    Is this Eugenia Uniflora nebari worthless?

    Got the tree last year in a narrow deep pot, repotted it by the end of our winter. The nebari has some spread, but there is no taper at all and the roots suddenly go down around the original rootball. Should I cover them up with soil when I next repot, or is there another way to thicken them up...
  3. 20201013_144041.jpg


    Pitanga, Brazilian cherry
  4. Clicio

    It's time to post your best tropicals here!

    No hard rules. Just post your best tropical trees and give us the names of the species. I will start this thread with two favorites : Jabuticaba and Pitanga. First, the Jaboticaba (or Jabuticaba as we call it in Brazil), in a Shugo Izumi pot: Plinia cauliflora, the Brazilian grapetree...
  5. PantoporosAporos

    Eugenia Uniflora (Pitanga/ Surinam Cherry) early progression

    So, here's a rookie's progression thread: Earlier this year I got a Pitangueira / Surinam Cherry bonsai, and promptly chopped it to near-death in a pruning mishap (I meant to chop above a branch, but didn't account for the concave cutter going deeper -- rookie mistake). I put it to the side and...
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