pitch pine

  1. *tree*

    pitch pine terrible nebari.

    Last spring I bought three pitch pine saplings and put them into the ground, I didn't do any root work on them since the were a bit weak, but they got much stronger over the last year. But now I noticed that one of them has some terrible surface roots going up and down and stuff and it had...
  2. littletreefarmer

    LTF's Pitch Pine #1

    Wanted to start a thread to document the journey of a Pitch Pine I collected with a friend in March of 2023. The tree was originally found to be growing in a small pocket on top of a large granite boulder. I hiked to the tree in the Fall of 2022 to find that it had blown over in its pocket...
  3. PABonsai

    Jan Culek Pitch Pine

    I just wanted to share this with the forum. This is a collected pitch pine (pinus rigida) that Jan Culek styled at our club meeting two weeks ago an Nature's Way Nursery. An interesting note is that when he wires pines he always lets the wire on long enough to become about halfway embedded in...
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