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    Podocarpus - over watered what should I do?

    Hi All, I bought a Podocarpuslast year, protected for the winter and it seemed to be fine, but recently the leaves have been turning brown in different areas, I pruned it and it seemed to be making a recovery and new leaves began to grow, another month in and one entire branch is now beginning...
  2. SU2

    So just chopped&potted my 1st *large* Podocarpus yamadori (many pics in-thread!), hoping for any advice on aftercare!!

    I was driving-home when I spotted it, these are VERY hard to find I've been seeking one for half a decade now w/o luck, seems it was ~an hour of being curbside the rootball's edge was dry but interior still had some moisture, was a good size: I chopped the top&bottom, leaving some...
  3. C

    Help me find the right size pot for my Potocarpus

    All im looking to repot my podocarpus. The tree is about 20”+ tall and is currently sitting in a 11” by 8” pot. What’s the right size pot for this size Bonsai? Should I size up to 12”-13” or wider? I prefer rectangular pots.
  4. B

    South African Yellowwoods ( Podocarpus species) advice

    Good evening, i would like to hear whether anyone has any experience with working with Outeniqua yellowwoods (Podocarpus/Afrocarpus Falcatus) or the Real Yellowwoods (Podocarpus Latifolius)? How do they respond to trunk chopping? Do they backbud well when pruned back hard? When is the best...
  5. H

    Help with Podocarpus bonsai

    I inherited this tree from a friend, It was in poor shape as her cat was eating it. I was able to get new growth and keep it green, but now I seem to be loosing a whole section of it. It was fine last week and it’s still green, just dry and shriveled. Could anyone tell me what might be happening...
  6. C

    buddhist pine bonsai - podocarpus

    All, I picked up this buddhist pine bonsai from our local nursery. It’s about 2 ft tall and 1”-1.2” thick. This is my first indoor bonsai. Can you give me some general info as how to take care of this? 1- I have a west facing window, would that provide sufficient lighting? 2- what type of...
  7. M

    Merging my Buddhist Pine with a Buddha ruin :)

    Hi guys, I'm new here, hello! Someone sent me an this beautiful ancient Buddha head ruin with a message “I know you’re a bonsai hobbyist, can you add this to your next bonsai?” Challenge accepted! ?? First step was to cut parts of the base of the ornament to make room for the roots and and...
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