pomagranate bonsai

  1. rollwithak

    Pomagranate - Looking for some nutty suggestions

    Hi Nutties, Just removed my pomagranate air layer yesterday, wondering what you guys think and what you would do with this design? I’m fairly new to the “split trunk” so who best to ask! Thank you in advance!!!
  2. MattE

    Some more 3D printed pots

    Here’s a Vietnamese style pot I painted to look old and weathered with dwarf jade And a square Chinese style pot I painted earth tones with my Brazilian rain tree both from seeds And then 2 other ceramics I found at a thrift store that I made into pots one with my serissa air layer I just did...
  3. S

    Pomagranate tree losing leaves

    Hi, all. This is my second dwarf pomegranate bonsai. The first one was fine for a week, then dropped all its leaves. Now the second one is losing its leaves as well. I've been keeping it inside at about 60F. I live in New England, so adequate heat and light this time of year is a problem. Put it...
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