1. B

    Does anyone have good source for Nejikan pomegranate in US?

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a Nejikan pomegranate, here in the US. Does anyone know of a good nursery or private seller that’s selling them? I’m looking for a one in pre bonsai stage so I can work on it in future. I’m not looking for a finished bonsai but ideally I would like for trunk to...
  2. rollwithak

    Pomagranate - Looking for some nutty suggestions

    Hi Nutties, Just removed my pomagranate air layer yesterday, wondering what you guys think and what you would do with this design? I’m fairly new to the “split trunk” so who best to ask! Thank you in advance!!!
  3. L

    Lorax7 Pomegranate #2 progression

    Pomegranate that I started from seed in 2019. Here’s what it looked like in May of this year:
  4. C

    Root Advice

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I look forward to connecting with you all. I recently acquired a nicely aged, but quite neglected pomegranate. After much care I am starting to see new buds. However, the roots are in an awful state. They have been left to intertwine and meld into each other, leaving a...
  5. A

    Pomegranate pruning advice

    Hello Nuts! Wanted to ask about this one. It's a pomegranate I got from an old man last summer, it came in clay and now it's established and growing. It looks like a slingshot, and has 3 heavy branches from the same spot creating swell. My question: Is there any alternative to cutting the...
  6. Apex37

    Nursery Stock Pomegranate #1

    Purchased this guy from a local nursery a bit after repotting season this year, plan to put him in a much shallower container next year. A lot of the reasoning behind the pruning was to go ahead and start an initial structure. I also needed to reduce the amount of room this guy was going to take...
  7. Apex37

    Pomegranate Hard Pruning

    I got this dwarf pomegranate about a month back and it was a bit past repotting time here. We’re getting into summer here in Texas and now looking into hard pruning this guy cause he’s a mess. Can I safely hard prune this guy now? I’m thinking about cutting back to either the red or blue line...
  8. A

    Black shoot tips on black bag pomegranate hardwood cutting. Fungus?

    I have this Pomegranate hardwood cutting that has been in a black bag for almost 2 months now. The tree is producing a lot of shoots, however most of them are turning their tips black after they start to elongate. At first I thought that it was because they were getting burned after having...
  9. L

    Lorax7 Pomegranate #1 progression

    I grew quite a few pomegranates from seed. This is one of them. Had it potted in a tall pot for a while to grow nice long roots. Recently did a root over rock planting with it. It has since dropped most of its leaves. I’ll be bringing it indoors and putting it under lights soon. Hopefully...
  10. R

    Pomegranate leaves have black spots? (Help with identification)

    I’ve had a quick look online and it’s suggested to be a fungal issue but it’s not too clear to me. Is anyone able to identify what this is?
  11. BonsaiDTLA

    Twisted Nejikan Pomegranate #1

    This twisted (neji-kan) pomegranate was ground-grown for years and then dug last year. Here are photos from before initial styling. And obligatory after initial styling Photos (post-prune) #1 and #3 are the two options in picking the front. I prefer #1 given how the tree...
  12. SantaFe

    Angel Red Pomegranate

    I’m trying out an Angel Red Pomegranate that I just bought at a nursery. I’ll be thickening the trunk for a couple of years in a pond liner, then developing it as a bonsai. Any advice on how to make the fruit small, if possible? I had a Nana dwarf pom years ago, and loved it, but gave it away...
  13. M

    Dwarf Pomegranate

    Have a question regarding Dwarf Pomegranate that I have in training. The upper branches of mine died off but the trunk is still alive all the way up to the top. The ONLY branches now coming off the tree are suckers at the base. If I cut back the suckers, will that encourage budding higher up on...
  14. akhater

    [2018- ] Pomegranate II - My big root cutting

    This tree was actually a root of my big pomegranate when I noticed it couldn't fit in the pot I just cut the root and plant it to see what would happen to it. well it sprouted and it is doing great. This one was repoted this year (maybe I shouldn't have) but it starting to show signs of growth...
  15. akhater

    [2018- ] Pomegranate I

    This Pomegranate was going to be removed from a friend's garden last August, so I thought why not give it a try As collected First potting Spring 2018 Cleaning the suckers
  16. Bonsaimennonite

    Questions about Growing Dwarf Pom from Seed

    Hello all, A few months ago I bought an "extra dwarf pomegranate" tree from Baker Creek Seeds. Out of twelve seeds, this one came up. (Here is how it looked in the first two weeks) This was taken in bright light, but the plant is normally in a dorm room with max 4 hours of bright light a day...
  17. Bloodwar

    Pomegranate winterizing dormant help

    Looking for some information on how to go about winterizing my pomegranate, and dwarf pomegranate.im in zone 5 Illinois.from what i understand zone 5 is way to cold for pomegranate.Ive got a indoor grow tent that i grow tropicals in, ficus ext ,i know pomegranate need a dormancy period like...
  18. hierophant

    Winter in zone 8b (Louisiana)?

    Hi folks, I'm spending my first winter here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (hardiness zone 8b) and I'm curious what I should be doing with my bonsai. Currently the weather is vacillating between highs in the 70s and lows in the 40s. It might get a little colder, but it doesn't often get much lower...
  19. sparklemotion

    Pomegranate (Punica) -- asking questions first, pruning later

    I picked up this pomegranate at the MN Bonsai Society Auction this past weekend. I'd like to keep it happy/healthy over the next few months before I start making any major decisions. I've read some of @bonhe's great threads on these trees, as well as some other online sources (b4me...
  20. AppleBonsai

    Nejikan Pomegranate For Sale #6

    **Pom #6- $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually $13.45 for the medium box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can. -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal and you...
  21. AppleBonsai

    Nejikan Pomegranate For Sale

    **Pom #5- $15 + shipping (Continental US only) USPS Priority Mail only. It's usually $13.45 for the medium box to most zip codes and can combine shipping if you purchase more than one tree from me. I will be posting as fast as I can. -First to reply gets it. I will then PM you my PayPal and you...
  22. AppleBonsai

    Trees to Sell: Nejikan Pomegranates Anyone?

    Hey Nutters, I am moving and have too many trees to move them all(along with the family)...I have spent the last several years propagating one of my favorite trees for bonsai: Nejikan pomegranates- and many other varieties... I probably have at least a dozen in 3.5- 4" squares with good sized...
  23. G

    Advice on dwarf pomegranate

    This is a dwarf pomegranate I've owned for about 10 years with the hopes of making it into a bonsai. now that the kids are a little older nd somewhat on autopilot I've actually got time to work on it. I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to proceed from here.
  24. ColinFraser

    Digging a Large Pomegranate

    OK Nuts, I will have an opportunity to collect a Pomegranate tree from a friend's property in the next week or so. I've had some success with other species and landscape collection, but I've never dug a Pom before. If you have any tips or tricks, I'm all ears. I know they're hardy, and my...
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